June 21, 2012

Hello again, Dear Readers!  Wishing everyone a great day!  Today it’s about 100*!  So not my kind of weather… I long for autumn!

Each summer, I battle depression.  I believe it to be a form of Seasonal Affective Disorder.  The more common type is when folks become depressed in the winter due to the lack of sunshine on short days.  I am the opposite- give me short days over long anytime.  The long ones make me sad.  If any of you battle this same problem, I pray you find relief.  I spend time praying, reading, crafting, spend time playing with the furkids.. basically doing nice things to help elevate my mood.  Also, I avoid spending much time outside, instead opting to spend time inside, behind closed curtains with the air conditioner crankin’.  It does help some.

Take care, Dear Readers, & have a wonderful day!  🙂

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