July 4th, 2012

Happy Independence day everyone!!!  May God bless you & keep you cool & safe!  Don’t forget to keep your pets inside with you during the fireworks this evening!

I hope everyone was safe through the storms that hit here last Friday night.  We lost power from during the storm until Tuesday (yesterday) afternoon.  Wow, that was fun.. not.  I really am NOT a summer person, & when the temperatures in my home reached over 85*, I was not amused to say the least.  Hubby’s generator died, so we lost our one window a/c unit Monday evening.  Thank God though- that night was incredibly cool, with a nice breeze coming in the windows, so none of us were terribly overheated.

The really interesting part of the storm though?  We lost a lot of limbs, very big ones, off the trees in the yard.  One of them landed on the hood of my car & hit the windshield.  What is so amazing is there wasn’t so much as a scratch on my car!  This car is so special to me- it was my granddad’s car when I was born.. (The miraculous story of how I got this car is called “My Story- The Story Of A 1969 Plymouth” & available at this link:  http://www.cynthiabaileyrug.com/free_e-books.htm if you’d like to read it)  This car is a gift from God, as far as I’m concerned, & He continually protects.  During another storm, our neighbor’s chimney was hit by lightening- bricks flew everywhere, but not one touched my car that was parked only a few feet away, 

It may sound strange to you that I love my car so much,  Since she once belonged to my granddad, that alone makes her special to me, as he was a wonderful man.  This was also my favorite car he had- the car is beautiful!  But, the miraculous way I ended up with this car, & how God protects her over & over again makes her even more special.  She is my very own gift from God Himself.

Hope you enjoy your day, Dear Reader!  God bless & keep you!

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