July 6, 2012

I came across a really good article on facebook yesterday…




I just had to share it with you, Dear Readers.   Please take a few minutes to read it.  It’s all about facing the truth that you were abused- don’t try to sugar coat it.  I think as abuse victims, we learn early on that we must protect our abusers, & disregard our own feelings.   Some of us even have heard comments like, “It doesn’t sound so bad to me” (I heard that from a guidance counselor in high school) or been encouraged to find the good in it.  While I am all for having a positive outlook, & believe good can be gleaned in almost every situation, I also believe that sometimes, ya just gotta get mad or sad or whatever you feel!  I learned early in life that my emotions must be stifled so as not to inconvenience anyone.  Now, at age 41, I am facing anger that scares me since I never learned before how to deal with it.  41 years of bottling it all up isn’t healthy.  I refuse to trivialize my emotions or experiences anymore, & I hope you will do the same, Dear Reader.   Take care of yourself, love yourself, & even parent yourself.   You are worth it! 

I’m praying for you, & I love you.  God bless you!

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Filed under Abuse and the Healing Journey, Mental Health

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