July 9, 2012

Finally, the heat has broken here in MD!!!  What a relief- it is cooler & overcast, with periodic rain today.  A great relief after so many 100* & above days.

Aside from enjoying the weather, I had a lovely start to my day.  A reader sent me a message via my facebook page.  She basically said that she was glad I shared what I have on my site about my experiences with my mother.  This lady experienced similar events to me, & it helped her to know it wasn’t just her, that others went through the same things as her.  I truly appreciate her message.  Sharing the things that I do is difficult.  As victims of abuse know, it’s like you carry the shame of your abuser instead of him or her carrying it.  There is an often unspoken (sometimes spoken) rule that what goes on behind closed doors, stays there.  You tell no one, ever.   As a teen, I broke that rule a few times, & I paid dearly for it.  So even all these years later,  discussing my experiences makes me feel guilty & like I am doing something wrong.  Knowing that my stories help others does wonders for helping those bad feelings diminish. 

If you are one of the ladies who has contacted me on this topic, I just want to say thank you, & may God richly bless & keep you.  You have blessed me tremendously, & I thank you so much for it.  I am praying for you!

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