October 24, 2012

Good morning, Dear Readers!   I have some wonderful news to share.

My latest book, “Emerging From The Chrysalis” is almost complete!!  I finished the first edit yesterday, & designed the front & back covers.   I want to read it over one more time & see if any further changes need to be made, then off to the publishers with it. 

I am excited- this book has been a VERY difficult project, & I am praying it will be well worth my efforts & helps many, many people.  I am also very nervous about what my parents may think if they ever read the book.  Logically, I know the worst case scenarios are things I can handle (being insulted, called names, denial of abuse), but even so, I am nervous.  Old habits die hard, I guess.

(As I write in this blog, I am listening to T.D. Jakes preach.. he just said the best thing- “‎”When you acknowledge your critics, you give them your power.”  Wow.. that is so powerful.  Love it.  Just thought I’d share..)

I am also looking forward to taking  a little time off, then starting on a psychological thriller book next.  I love psychological thrillers, & this will be my first attempt at writing one.  Should be fun!

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Filed under Abuse and the Healing Journey, Mental Health, Writing

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