December 7, 2012

Hello, Dear Readers!

I just learned that my favorite aunt has bone cancer.  She’s been through cancer before, so this is pretty scary.  I would like to ask any of you who are willing to please pray for her complete recovery.  Thank you.

Pearl Harbor happened on this day in 1941.  It was a horrible & tragic event.  Let it remind you that soldiers today also face dangers.  Please pray for soldiers & their families.  If  you know some personally, please be good to them.  These people are so strong & courageous.  I can’t imagine either being a soldier, or being married to one & spending my days worried about him every moment.

Yesterday I started working on the newest book.  It should be a good one- it’s turning out to be fun to write so far!  🙂

Have a great day, everyone!  ❤

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