December 27, 2012

Hello, Dear Readers!  I hope this post finds you well!  I also hope your Christmas holiday was a good one.

Ours was nice & peaceful.  We played board games, & watched “A Christmas Story’ on tv.  I fixed us a nice German style dinner.  Exactly the kind of day I like.  I have lost my love of the more traditional Christmases after many, many bad Christmases over the last 20+ years, so the more non-traditional things suit me fine.  

I’ve been working on the new book.  It’s going pretty well- about 70 pages so far.  Today for some reason, I hit a writing block, so I’m going to ignore the book for a day or two.  I think it’s just stress- I’m not good at handling stress anymore.  Anyway, distance can be very beneficial to alleviating writer’s block.  When you do go back to writing, it’s like you have a fresh view of your work, & creativity can flow easier.  Most times, anyway.  

So I’ve been using this free time to read a wonderful book- “Homer’s Odyssey” by Gwen Cooper.  Homer is a blind kitty, & he is utterly amazing.  If you love animals, at least cats, it’s a great read!!  Homer reminds me of a smaller, blind version of my first cat, Magic.  Highly intelligent, devoted, protective, loving, playful.  Quite a special guy!

Hope everyone has a great day, & in case I don’t get back here in the next few days, a very blessed new year!!!



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4 responses to “December 27, 2012

  1. Clever title, that! I’ll have to look it up just for the wit on the cover!
    Why do you think distance helps to overcome writer’s block? Is it because your mind keeps subconsciously mulling over it? Or because we’re too overloaded on words? Or something I’m just not thinking of…?
    I have a theory, but I’m conducting an informal poll on writers about their writing block for an article I’d like to write. Any thoughts?


    • LOL Isn’t that a cute title? It’s a beautifully written book, too, & the story itself is awesome. Even if it was poorly written, it would still be worth reading, I think!

      I think it’s just how people’s minds work. A little distance can be a good distraction. So long as you don’t think about it for a bit, once you do go back to what you’re writing, it’s kind of like you’re seeing it for the first time. I hope that makes sense, how I explained it!

      That sounds like an interesting article! Best of luck with that!


  2. Out of curiosity, what kind of writing are you involved in?
    A reader suggested that different genres of writing might conduct themselves in different manners.
    And the library didn’t have Homer’s Odyssey. I was sorely disappointed. Apparently I’m going to have to go about this through the back channels.


  3. I write different styles- mostly non-fiction about emotional healing issues, but also animals. I’m trying to get into fiction too since I do love a good scary story. You can check out some of my work at my website:

    I found my copy of “Homer’s Odyssey” on for a whole $4.50, delivered. Made my day! 🙂 I just finished reading the book last night- it was absolutely wonderful! Very inspiring!


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