October 13, 2013

Good morning, Dear Readers!

I am thinking of making one of my books into a first edition hard back version.  I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on which one.  Below is a list of the possibilities.  I would love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to email me directly at CynthiaBaileyRug@aol.com or leave a comment on this post.  Thank you!  


“Sins of the Father”

    When a good, all-American, Christian family man is discovered to have tortured seven men to death, no one is more stunned than his devoted, yet naive wife, and their two children.   Only when his crimes are discovered does he divulge the horrors of being born into a Satanic cult, which drove him to kill.   This is a story of the power of God to carry His children with love and strength through even the most painful circumstances. 

***Subject matter may be disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.***

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“The Christian Woman’s Guide To Killing Her Husband”

    Lily Hamilton and Melanie Brooks are best friends with a lot in common. Both are devoted Christians, both love antiques and books, and both are married to men who put their families ahead of their wives. Steve’s domineering mother, Joanne, never tries to disguise her hatred of Lily. Mark takes care of his little sister, even if that means hurting Melanie or losing their home. 

    After several years, both Lily and Melanie are fed up. In a moment of frustration, they decide the only way to solve the trouble with their husbands is to kill them. They create a plan for the perfect murder. Soon after, their husbands die exactly has they had planned. 

    Did these women kill their husbands? Or is it a case of divine intervention?

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“You Are Not Alone!”


    Is your mother difficult or even abusive? Is she cruel, controlling or mentally ill? Does time with her leave you drained, frustrated or crying? Do you believe no one understands your pain? Have you been told to “get over it,” “stop living in the past,” or made to feel ashamed of yourself for being upset with your mother, even by those who know how much she hurts you?

    “You Are Not Alone!” tackles the taboo topic of abusive mothers from a Christian perspective. It discusses various types of abusive mothers, problems caused by abuse, getting to the root of problems to heal, and ways to cope. This book also teaches ways of dealing with dysfunctional parents, as well as tough topics such as how do you honor your abusive parents, what do you owe aging and abusive parents, and deciding whether or not to end the relationship with your mother.

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“Emerging From The Chrysalis”


    “Emerging From The Chrysalis” is a story of surviving abuse and how to conquer its pain. 

    In this inspiring book, the author describes her own painful experiences with the various forms of psychological abuse (verbal, mental and emotional abuse), as well as how she moved from the role of victim to survivor.

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“A Witness Of Faith”


 “[No] you yourselves are our letter of recommendation (our credentials), written in your hearts, to be known (perceived, recognized) and read by everybody.”  (2 Corinthians 3:2, AMP)

    Many Christians know this verse, but how many consider the seriousness of it?  As a Christian, are you aware that people are watching you, to see if you are serious about your faith? 

    God takes our witness of what we believe very seriously, as should His children.  This book will encourage you, show you to be a shining example of your Christian faith, and improve your relationship with God, yourself, and your fellow man.

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“Lessons From The Heart: What Animals Have Taught Me About Life And Love”


    There is much more to our animal companions than meets the eye. They are far wiser than the casual observer realizes, and can teach humans a great deal about life. 

    In this book, the author details some valuable life lessons she learned from her own pets over the years that have helped her to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

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“All I Know About Marriage…I Learned The Hard Way!”

    Anyone who has been married for any amount of time knows that marriage is full of challenges. Most married couples face differences in personalities, in-law problems, financial issues and more. Some couples are also faced with even more serious issues such as infidelity and abuse. 

    This book will teach wives that it is possible for one person to improve a marriage. It also teaches women that being good to themselves is beneficial not only to their own happiness, but to their marriage as well.

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“Pawprints On Our Hearts”


    Animals are God’s special gift to humanity. This book will show you the many things that the Bible has to say about animals, such as their purpose on Earth, what they need from human beings, whether or not they go to heaven and more. Personal experiences by the author and pictures of her own pets are included as well.

    “Pawprints On Our Hearts” is designed to give you an entirely new perspective on our animal friends- to help you view them as God does- and to improve your experiences with our animal companions. May this book bless you and yours!

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“Baptism of Joy”  

    By following the basic principles in this book, you too can overcome situational depression. I am living proof that the principles in this book work.

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“Romantic Inspirations”

    How to put the romance back in your marriage. If the flames of love are dimming in your relationship, then this book will tell you how to turn up the heat once again! Offers a Biblical perspective on love and romance

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“Facets Of Love”

    Poetry about the various stages of love. Makes a wonderful gift for anniversaries, Valentine’s day, birthdays, etc. for the one you love.

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