Possible Help For People With C-PTSD

I just realized something good I’ve forgotten to share with you, Dear Readers!

A while back, I read that antidepressants in the SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) class such as paxil, zoloft & prozac are used to treat PTSD & C-PTSD.  As many of you know, I am a fan of natural & herbal remedies whenever possible over “real” medications.  St. John’s wort is a plant that works much like SSRI’s, & is very helpful for many people suffering with depression.  I’ve taken it before periodically, & it helped me.  However, I started taking a higher dose of it a couple of weeks ago, & it is working  better than ever.  The depression isn’t as bad as it has been, neither is the anxiety, & the agoraphobia is much better.  I can’t say perfect- I still have down times & I have yet to work up the nerve to go out alone yet- but nonetheless, I have hope I’m onto something good.  I’m debating upping my dose, but am not sure if that is a good idea yet or not.

I take 375 mg of St. John’s wort once a day, which is one pill from the brand I use.  St. John’s wort can be head surprisingly cheaply from most places that carry vitamins.  I got mine online from Swanson Vitamins- they have very good pricing on all kinds of vitamins & herbs, even with shipping & handling.  

I have yet to have any side effects, either, which is more than can be said about prescription SSRI’s.  Not ONE side effect!!

Please don’t take this out of context- I’m not saying you should get off your anti-depressant & take St. John’s wort.  If you’re on a prescription that works for you, by all means, take it!  Everyone needs to do what works best for them.  Besides, with any prescription anti-depressant, you should gradually wean off of it anyway.  I am saying that if you aren’t taking a prescription, or it isn’t working for you, St. John’s wort may be your answer.  It’s worth considering anyway!  

I also realize many Christians aren’t fond of herbal remedies, as those in Wiccan & Pagan religions use them.  I have a friend who is Pagan, & I’ve learned a few things on this topic. Both religions use herbal remedies, as well as herbs in casting spells or making potions.  While I can’t say I agree with spells & potions, I have not heard one reason that makes me believe herbal remedies are an offense to God.  I believe that God made this plants & herbs with their healing properties for a reason- why shouldn’t people use them?  If we can use roses to express love to one another, why can’t we enjoy a cup of chamomile tea when stressed or unable to sleep?  What is the difference?  

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about my experiences of late with St. John’s wort & to encourage you to think & pray about it- it may be right for you to help you fight depression & the other awful symptoms of C-PTSD.  🙂

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