Good Lord, What A Day!

OK, since many folks wanted to know how me seeing my former teacher went along with breakfast with my parents today, here’s the update….
I arrived first, hardly a shock since my mother is always late (all about control).  She arrived alone a few minutes later.  Said Dad was still at the chiropractors’ office & would be by any minute.  Fine.  We sat down inside, & talked.  A few moments later, a lady Mom knew stopped by – she is the mom of someone I went to elementary school with.  During the short chat, this lady said I was pretty four times.  Mom wasn’t happy- jealous, I guess.  She cut her off several times to discuss other trivial matters until the lady left.  She told me the lady was ‘slow’ & ‘not very bright’ repeatedly after she left..
Finally Dad arrived.  I went to wave to him, & another man behind him seemed to think I was flirtatious, but quickly realized I wasn’t waving at him pointed Dad towards Mom & I…lol. Sorry to the man who smiled at me…lol
Dad then went to the mens’ room.  My mother commanded me to place our order.  I did, although uneasy since it was crowded, & my agoraphobia was flaring up.   My dad stayed with me once he found me in line.
My parents & I ate our breakfast.  Eventually, my mother said, ‘There’s Mr. Bledsoe!’ & waved him to our table.  He didn’t recognize me, but after 30 years, I wasn’t offended.  My mother introduced us, & the first thing he said was, “I’m sorry, my oldest car now is a ’99!”. He remembered how I loved his 56 Ford when I was 10!!  Lol. I told him “my classic car is enough for us both!” & showed him what I drive- my granddad’s car.  He was impressed.  We went back to my parents’ table, & Mom talked over me. I did slip him my business card, & he said Mom mentioned something about me writing.  (Then why did she make a point to tell me she told him I don’t work?  TWICE!!). He needed to resume work, so said his goodbyes. 
The remaining time was rough..Mom insisted on getting my cell phone number I’ve hidden from her for years.  She also spent plenty of time telling me how awesome she is- how awesome she is for helping old people when she was growing up, how many animals loved her (way more than mine love me, of course!) & how many male students had a crush on her when she was a teacher….
While Dad wasn’t there, she told me about someone she knows who is married to the grandson of some football player named Johnny Unitis.  I didn’t know this football man’s name, so she told Dad I am ‘a retard’ as soon as he got back because I didn’t know him. Nice, eh?  I said twice that I hate football & all sports involving a ball- why would I know a player??  Ask me something about NASCAR or NHRA drag racing- I know that.  That was ignored.
Two hours after arrival, I wanted to come home.  I said I had to go.  I pulled out my keys & purse.  My mother exclaimed my keys & purse were too heavy- I was going to hurt my back.  I reminded her I’ve had worse back problems (like when she threw me into a wall) & walked out.
Yes, I’m hot mad.  No, I’m not entirely surprised by how it went…yes, I need to relax by myself for a while…..

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