Why You Can’t Just ‘Get Over’ C-PTSD

I was talking with my husband about this post from yesterday, & I loved what he said. He said, “I don’t think C-PTSD means you can’t let go of the past. It ,means the past won’t let go of you.”. Isn’t that a good way to describe it? It’s so true! I don’t often think of the traumas that caused me to get this disorder, yet the damage remains many years later.
I just thought I’d share this interesting perspective… 🙂


I am having a really, really bad day today. I am depressed, tired & can’t even focus on the simplest things. Even writing this simple entry is already a challenge for me. I have no desire to do anything, even the things I enjoy the most, like reading or knitting. This happens sometimes- I call it a bad C-PTSD day. Days like this remind me just how serious this disorder is. I have no control over these days- they just happen when they want to or following some especially stressful event, & are as debilitating as they want to be. I absolutely hate not having control over my emotions! I’ve always had extreme control over them, & when I don’t, it scares me. It’s just one more frustrating part of C-PTSD.

C-PTSD & PTSD are much more than just bad thinking patterns- they mean that trauma has physically damaged the…

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