Would You Please Do A Favor For Me?

Good afternoon, Dear Readers! I come to you today asking a favor from you…

For a couple of years now, I have wanted to write a book compiled of stories about people who have survived abuse. Any kind of abuse- physical, sexual or psychological. In particular, I want to hear about how they have survived & learned to heal. I want stories of people in all stages of healing.

I firmly believe this book would inspire & help many people. And, to assure anyone can read it, I’d like to make it a free ebook.  I will not sell it.

So far, I have only received a few stories for this book. I would like to have a few more.

Won’t you consider sharing your story? You can do so anonymously- you can use a fake name when you submit it.

For more information, you can visit my website:  Make A Difference


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2 responses to “Would You Please Do A Favor For Me?

  1. I am intrigued by your idea to write a book about surviving abuse. Would you be including children. Six months ago, our life as we knew it was rocked with my sons disclosure of sexual abuse by his older stepbrother. We have gone through the motions of filing charges, court case, sentencing and now working through his PTSD. The reason I am curious is because I have found the study of sibling sex abuse to be limited because of the social discomfort and taboo. It’s a subject that even close family and friends are uncomfortable talking about. There is a lot of secrecy involved. I feel that I am my sons only voice in a legal system that tries to rehabilitate sexually aggressive teens and my baby boy is forced to keep his silence to not further damage the offender. I only started blogging to help myself heal and return to some sense of normalcy. I am finding my sons resiliency to be stronger than my own. Therefore are so few resources for mothers of sexually abused children,especially when it involves another child in your family. I have connected with one other mother in the last 7 months who is in a similar situation. In communicating with her, I don’t feel so alone or like I’m the only parent forced to remain silent.


  2. I would be glad to include such a story. If you & your son are comfortable sharing it, feel free & I’ll include it in the book. You are so right- there is very much secrecy about incest. it seems like father/daughter incest is the only kind that it’s “safe” to talk about, which makes no sense at all. There are so many other forms of it that happen every day.

    I’m so very sorry to hear about what happened to your son. It is absolutely ridiculous he must keep quiet about what happened. He should NOT be forced to carry his abuser’s shame like that!

    Your son sounds like a strong boy- you must be so proud of him. 🙂

    & I’m glad you found another woman in a similar situation to talk to! That must be so helpful for you! Hopefully more & more mothers will keep talking, & get rid of the silence surrounding incest! Sending you & your son hugs! ❤


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