Good afternoon! I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday!

It’s been an interesting week since my last entry. I have been learning so much! God has been showing me all kinds of things! Mostly, through my dreams.

Dreams are fascinating! Did you know they protect your sanity? Dreaming all night long keeps your mind active & healthy, even when you don’t remember all of the dreams.

I believe the dreams you do remember, you remember for a reason. They are messages from God. This past week, God has been encouraging me that although things may be difficult, He is with me & I am healing. Also, when I married my husband, I lost who I am. I quickly became “Eric’s wife” & lost “Cynthia” in other words. God also showed me that I need to get “Cynthia” back. I’ve known this for years, but never did anything about it until now. And, back in February, I heard about an ex of mine who had murdered his boyfriend & himself. Through a dream earlier in the week, God showed me that I didn’t talk about it at the time because it upset my husband, then stopped even thinking about it. I need to take some time to come to terms with that dreadful situation.

All of this came from dreams I had this past week!

Dreams are often symbolic, & can be difficult to interpret. I’ve never been overly good at interpretation, but God is helping me improve. I have found a great website about dreams- http://www.DreamMoods.com . I check it when I am confused about what my dreams mean- looking up certain things I see in the dream, then asking God if this is what the dream means. Or, if there are various meanings to the symbol, I ask God which one, if any, fit my situation. The clarity God is giving me by doing this is amazing! This past week, my mood has improved drastically, & I feel inspired.

Do you pay attention to your dreams? If not, I strongly suggest paying attention to them, & learning to interpret them! You will be amazed at the insight you gain. Give it a try.

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