Never Forget She Is A Narcissist- It Will Help You!

Recently, I have learned an effective way to help avoid some hurt when dealing with narcissistic parents: Always keep in the forefront of your mind that they are narcissists.

While this may sound simple & logical, it can be hard to do when you are in the midst of dealing with your narcissistic mother, & she is hurting you for the umpteenth time.  I encourage you to do your best to remember it anyway.

If you can remember that simple fact, it really will help you not to be as hurt when your mother is acting up.  It will be a reminder that her abuse isn’t as much a personal attack as it is a way for her to gain that supply she so desperately craves.  It means there’s nothing wrong with you, but there is plenty wrong with her.  In fact, there must be plenty right with you for her to try so actively to hurt you.  She is obviously very jealous of you & wants to make you feel as badly about yourself as she does about herself.  Narcissists typically focus on strong, caring, loving, generous & empathetic people.

Actively remembering your mother’s narcissism also will help you to avoid falling for her manipulation.  You will know that if she tries to make you feel guilty for not spending more time with her, it isn’t because she enjoys your lovely companionship- it is because she wants to drain you of precious narcissistic supply.  While yes, that knowledge stings, at least you won’t feel guilty for not spending time with her, or you won’t cave in, spending more time with her & being hurt.

Keeping your mother’s narcissistic ways in mind also will help you to keep a healthy perspective.   When she attempts to make you feel like a bad daughter, you will know that it isn’t because you really are a bad daughter- it is because she is a narcissist & they gain self-esteem by hurting people.  If she insists on regaling you with stories of how beautiful or talented she is, you’ll be able to maintain your level head because you know that is just how narcissists are- they love to brag about themselves.

Another way this can help you is when your narcissistic mother goes to her happy place, as I call it.  Many narcissists have absolutely NO coping skills.  Instead of admitting their own mistakes or admitting something bad happened, they reinvent the past or pretend bad things never happened.  This is their happy place.  My mother loves to share stories of what a great mother she’s been.  When this first happened, it hurt me badly.  Sometimes, I’d cry when she’d discuss this (only when she couldn’t see me, of course).  In time though, I realized that this is how she copes with a guilty conscience.  This reinventing things is her coping skill.  As dysfunctional as it is, it’s what she wants to do, so have at it, is my philosophy, just don’t expect me to validate the delusions.  (Which she does, & I flat out refuse to give her that validation).

Now that you see actively remembering your mother’s narcissism can help you, how do you do it?

For me, I’ve found reading about NPD to be very helpful.  I about the experiences of other daughters of narcissistic mothers, I read anything I can about narcissism & its symptoms & I talk with my fans & friends about our experiences with narcissism.  I also focus on my healing.  Granted, having C-PTSD, the chances of healing are slim, but I’ve gotten better at managing symptoms.  All of these activities help me to validate that my experiences were real & abusive, which is extremely helpful.

I do much more than that however- I refuse to let this insidious disorder take over my life.  I take breaks where I flatly refuse to think about narcissism.  I am determined to enjoy myself somehow & participate in enjoyable activities.  Focusing too much on narcissism would be detrimental to mental health, I believe.  It is such a terribly negative topic & it can be overwhelming with the evilness & insidiousness of it.  Breaks are essential.  As soon as I start to feel a bit overwhelmed, I mentally shift gears- I’ll watch a movie or talk to a friend about something not related to narcissism.  Anything pleasant to distract myself for a while.


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22 responses to “Never Forget She Is A Narcissist- It Will Help You!

  1. Cindy

    One thing I do that I refuse to talk on the phone to my dad.He says things he won’t say to my face.It’s the same way he was using texts to emotionally beat me up.I just don”t answer them.I have hub call him back if I can.I know not everyone can avoid the narc’s n their life ths way,as sometimes commuication is needed,but this is what works for me.I’m probably off topic a bit,sry.


    • No apology necessary! Narcissists have what I call phone balls or computer balls- they’ll say things on the phone or on facebook or whatever they don’t have the guts to say in person. @@

      That is a great idea, having hubby return your calls or ignoring the texts. You gotta do what you gotta do to protect yourself from the!


      • Cindy

        LOL,that’s funny.(sry,that just made me laugh,Phone
        Yes,amen you have to protect yourself.I have also at times just blocked him in email and texts.I do leave calls unblocked,in case of emergency.If hub is here I just have him answer.That helps a lot.
        He is no longer getting a supply from me,so I’m sure that must be frustratng.I’m also prepared for when I see him.He will brag that dd called him or he is more special to her than we are.I always let him know we have talked to her as well.And btw,I know better.She says she doesn’t always answer his would go off on me if I told him that though


        • heheheee.. 🙂 Well it fits! They only have balls on the phone or computer!

          You have to protect yourself however you see fit. It’s a shame protecting yourself involves doing so from a parent, though. That makes me so angry- you shouldn’t have to protect yourself from a parent!

          Oh they hate it when you deprive them of that precious supply, don’t they? lol I’ve been doing that more & more with my own parents & they call me less & less. Sadly, I am glad! I need the peace!


      • ibikenyc

        PHONE Balls?!



  2. Rose Brandenburg

    I am wondering if this might be my dad.
    I hate to say anything cus the poor man just had a stroke
    but.. all of these behaviors seem to fit.


    • It may not do any good saying anything anyway… stroke aside, narcissists can’t handle hearing anything about them being less than perfect. No matter how gently you say it, you’re still likely to be attacked. The best thing you can do is learn to protect yourself. Set & enforce boundaries with him.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. joy2468

    My Mom expects me to call but yet like to tell me that me and her are different as if that ok say than put my brother in it like he suppose to change my mind about calling her she barely call me but want me to call

    Liked by 1 person

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