You Might Be A Narcissist If…

I freely admit it.. I have a very twisted sense of humor.  Thankfully, so do those close to me & I hope also those of you reading this.

For some odd reason today, I thought about one of my favorite comics ever, Jeff Foxworthy.  I love his “you might be a redneck” jokes.  They always strike me so funny.  Partly because I see a lot of myself & others I know in them, but also because they are simply hilarious.

As his humor popped into my mind, I thought there should be something similar with narcissism.  I mean, really- this topic is extremely dark & can be very depressing.  Sometimes you just gotta laugh so you don’t get mired down in the darkness of it all.  Laughter really is the best medicine.

So, in Jeff Foxworthy fashion, here’s a list I just thought of for “You might be a narcissist” jokes.  Feel free to add to it in the comments if you like.

  You might be a narcissist if:

  • you interrupt someone who’s pouring their heart out to tell them how wonderful you are for listening to them.
  • you’re holding onto a grudge from 1984 because that is when someone said something negative about someone & you think it might have been about you.
  • you can turn any topic of conversation back to you- movies, global warming, politics, weather, a neighbor’s co-worker’s cousin’s goldfish dying….
  • you think people you know don’t fully appreciate your awesomeness.
  • you think this post is about you.


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11 responses to “You Might Be A Narcissist If…

  1. jemmbeer

    Awesome. This post is awesome. Have you been in my brain?!? LOL


  2. jemmbeer

    Reblogged this on Not My Parents and commented:
    You Might Be A Narcissist If…..nothing is EVER your fault and you blame everyone else around you for every single thing that happens. This post is awesome.


  3. True one: You might be a narcissist if a family member has a heart attack and you tell them this has inconvenienced you.

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  4. Cindy

    That’s funny right there,I don’t care who ya are!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Cindy

    Your mother might be a narcissist if she fusses at you for something you did 35 years ago!
    (I know that one,LOL)


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