Music’s Healing Benefits

I absolutely love music.  I’m seeing its healing powers more & more.


Today was just not a good day.  I woke from a nightmare extremely anxious, feeling as if I had physically experienced what happened in the nightmare.  I didn’t feel like praying immediately about it, so I tried to distract myself for a while (dumb idea- my mood didn’t improve.  I should’ve prayed immediately!).  Finally, I did pray & God helped me to understand the nightmare & also to feel so much better.  Then I turned on some music & it helped the good feelings to continue.


I think music can give you an excuse to cry or smile or even be angry.  Who doesn’t cry at an especially sad song or feel better after listening to a song from a particularly happy time in their life?  Music can be a wonderful catalyst for helping to get your emotions out, & we all know that is so much better than stuffing them down deep inside!


Many Christians seem to think only Christian music can have such a positive effect, but I disagree.  I’m actually not a fan of most Christian music.  I do love Bob Carlisle’s “Shades of Grace” CD & TD Jakes’ “Sacred Love Songs” CD, but that is really  it.  I have nothing against Christian music- I just haven’t found a lot I really like for some reason.  So, I listen to what I do love, which is mostly 80’s & classic rock music that I grew up listening to.  While I don’t exactly transport back to a happy childhood like many who listen to the music of their youth, I still enjoy the sound of the music.  I also remember happy memories, such as getting my first car, when the B52’s “Love Shack” was popular.  That song always reminds me of the feeling of newfound independence of having my very own car.  Whitney Houston reminds me of a day in my first apartment when i had one of her tapes playing. I was pouring my then boyfriend & I something to drink & he pulled me away to dance.  Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend” is my husband’s & my song, so it transports me back to our early dating days.


Sometimes though if you feel sad, a sad song is just what you need.  It helps you to cry it out.  Have you ever heard Glen Campbell’s “I’m Not Gonna Miss You“?  He wrote it after his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, & if that song doesn’t make you cry, nothing will!  It’s very sad yet beautiful at the same time.  Listening to a song from the soundtrack of a sad movie or that was popular during a particularly painful time in your life can help you too.


Feeling angry?  Get out some heavy metal!  I read recently how many metal fans are happy people, in spite of the stereotype.  The music helps them to get out their anger.  I can vouch for it- I love metal, & sometimes listening to Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden or Judas Priest does help me when I’m angry.


No matter your mood, nature sounds or nature sounds with soft music are always good for you.  I read once that nature sounds increase serotonin in the brain greatly, which improves your mood.  Native American pan flute music is also good for a calming, joyful effect.  Here is one of my favorites: “Unchained Melody


I even have a folder of romantic songs for listening to with the hubby full of soft, romantic songs we both like.


Need a laugh?  Listen to Weird Al Yankovich or Cledus T. Judd.  They are absolutely hilarious, at least in my opinion, with their parodies of popular songs.


I have several folders of various songs on my tablet that cater to my mood.  Some brighten a dark mood,  others inspire tears & others still take me back to happy places in the past.  I would encourage you to do the same.  Remember the “mix tapes” we made in the 80’s?  Make your own, more modern “mix tape” by creating folders of special songs on your cell phone or tablet, & listen to them often.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much the music helps you.

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