Some Encouragement For You

Last night, I had an interesting dream.  I dreamed a huge old tree fell onto the hood of my car.  Somehow I got this huge thing off my car, & realized the most amazing thing- my car wasn’t totaled like I expected!  There were a few small dents in the tops of the front fenders, but that was all the damage.  I drove the car away.


I woke up flustered- those of you who know me know how important my car is, & seeing it damaged, even in a dream hurts.  That hurt quickly vanished when God immediately showed me what the dream meant though.


In dreams, cars are symbolic of your life.  In the dream, my car survived something that was meant to destroy it with minimal damage.   God showed me this is much like me.  Going through narcissistic abuse was meant to destroy me like the tree that fell on my car in the dream.  Yet, like my car, I survived with a surprisingly small amount of damage as a result.   Yes, I have C-PTSD, but considering how much gaslighting I’ve experienced, it’s amazing my mental health isn’t worse.  Plus, God miraculously healed my back injury from my mother’s attack when I was nineteen.


You, Dear Reader are no different than me.  You too escaped, with minimal damage, that which was meant to destroy you!  I know, it doesn’t seem that way when you are trying to stop lifelong dysfunctional thinking patterns, having flashbacks or nightmares.  I understand that completely, as I felt the same way.  But really, think about it- the goal of narcissistic abuse is to destroy the victim completely so the victim can be molded into whatever the narcissist wants.  You weren’t destroyed!  You may have some scars (physical & mental) but you survived!  You are like my car was in my dream- some damage, but still functional!  That is no small accomplishment!  I hope you are very proud of yourself- you should be!!


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4 responses to “Some Encouragement For You

  1. We are strong Women!! Warrior Women!!

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  2. Modes of transportation also represent life direction. You’ve had obstacles dropped in your path, but you won’t be stopped!


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