Stop Comparing Your Struggles To Others!

So many of us who have survived narcissistic abuse compare our experiences to others’ experiences.  “What I went through wasn’t so bad- that other person was beaten regularly.  My mother only hit me sometimes.”  Or, we hear of someone who has gone through a similar experience then wonder why we aren’t as healed as that person is.  Does that sound familiar to you?


Today, Dear Reader, I want to tell you to stop it!  Stop it as of right now!


Abuse in every single form is bad, period.  Whether you were beaten or molested or a victim of narcissistic or psychological abuse, something terrible happened to you!  Never trivialize that!  And, don’t invalidate yourself by saying “Maybe it wasn’t so bad- someone else I know had it worse.”  That isn’t fair to do to yourself.  People respond differently to things.  Two people can have the exact same thing happen to them & both will have very different reactions.  Thanks to narcissistic abuse, I have C-PTSD.  If someone else had been through what I have, they may not have developed it.  Or, they may have ended up killing themselves.  Any scenario is possible simply because people are individuals with their own unique feelings & coping skills.


Don’t judge yourself, Dear Reader!  You have been through something bad.  Very bad.  You survived & are learning how to heal.  That is something to be extremely proud of!  Validate yourself!  It is perfectly ok to say you were abused & that abuse caused you harm!  There is no need to compare your story to someone else’s.  It’s not a competition!

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