What’s Happening In My World

April 30, my husband’s mother died suddenly.  Well, sorta suddenly.  She’s been sick for quite some time but no one expected her to pass in her sleep early that morning.


That same day, one of our cats stopped eating.  May 2, Weeble passed away suddenly & unexpectedly at 16 years old.


It’s been a rough week around here!  As a result, I’m taking time to myself.  My blog posts will continue posting as normal, thank you WordPress for allowing me to schedule posts in advance, but I need some time to myself to grieve my precious kitty. Since getting sick last year, I haven’t been able to handle negative emotions as well as I once did.  Weeble is my first big loss since then, & I’m not doing so well emotionally.  I need some time to grieve & recover.


Sadly, I am not grieving the death of my mother in-law at all.  Our relationship was so toxic that I stopped speaking to her in 2002.  I feel somewhat bad for not feeling anything, but sadly, I believe this is normal.  Narcissistic abuse is horrible.  Aside from the fact it causes so much pain & suffering, it also destroys your love for the narcissist.  That is how I felt about my mother in-law.  I felt nothing for her for a long time.


I do feel for my husband, though, & need to be able to help him if he needs anything from me.  And, I can’t help him if I’m not able to replenish myself.  So, I’ll be taking a little time to myself to do just that & grieve my sweet Weeble.  If you comment or try to contact me & get no response, please be patient- I will respond to you as soon as I’m able.  Thank you for your understanding.  xoxo



















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4 responses to “What’s Happening In My World

  1. Hey there my friend! My heart and prayers are truly with you during this difficult time. Losing a pet can be just as devastating (If not more) than losing a person. Try to be sensitive to your husbands grief process while taking time for you. It can be a tricky balance but God’s got you all through and through. Talk soon..


    • Hi, Chanel!

      Thank you so much. You’re so right- losing a pet is at least as devastating as much as losing a person.

      It is a rough balance, but so far, so good… he talked quite a bit the day of the funeral after he got home, which seemed to help him a lot. He’s doing quite well considering. Still hurting obviously, but doing well. I think he was prepared since she’d been sick for a while.

      Actually that night he was talkative about things, we both talked about his mother. It was good for both of us, really. I was proud of myself for being respectful (not easy after all the stuff she put me through!) & grateful for him really understanding my side for the first time. Her death seemed to trigger some deep thinking on his part. He’s sharing as he is comfortable, so it’s quite an experience for both of us.

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