Pray? For Them?!

This is a lovely, wonderful post from a friend of mine.. please read it. Thank you.

a freckled lass

When my mother was in my life, I recall how much I prayed that the Lord would change her heart, I prayed that He would soften her heart that she might cry out to Him and recognize all the evil she had done, namely to me.  I did that for years.  I even tried loving her into loving me – which, in hindsight, may not have been very effective because I grew up with such a warped definition of love.  Loving others has never been my strong suit, the fear of being rejected is still present in my life.  When rejected by a mother and then a decade later by your father and siblings, its a wound that remains really raw for a really long time.

I prayed everyday for her when she was in my life and my whole family.  I wanted them to know this indescribable joy and…

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