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This is a revised comment I made on ‘The Messy Mrs.’, after a reader attacked her out of complete ignorance, in my humble opinion.  It goes to show that on the outside looking in, people don’t see what victims/survivors of malignant narcissism have endured.  They have no idea what it has done to our hearts, minds and our very souls!!  This is my rant defending the writer … it really gets my dander up when people spew hurtful words about things they have never experienced or simply don’t understand!  It is the most frustrating thing for victims/survivors of abuse by malignant narcissists – not being understood or even believed.  This is my very emotional RANT!!

Way to go, Messy Mrs.!!!  People are so ready to attack us when we ‘appear’ to have loving/caring mothers – who are great at putting on ‘the show’ and only when it suits them to.  Providing just…

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6 responses to “THIS IS NOT OKAY!!!

  1. Thank you for sharing!!


  2. You’re very welcome! It needed to be said!

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      • It did!! It makes me so angry & frustrated how many people think that way. Some for myself but I’ve developed a pretty thick skin to it. I feel mostly for those who are new to learning about NPD or anyone in a bad place in their healing when they hear such comments. These people need understanding & compassion, not invalidation & scolding like they’ve done something wrong. It’s so unfair to them. Unfair & cruel!


        • I know. This is why I often jump in, in defence, when I see someone doing that to someone who is in the beginning stages of their healing and recovery – it takes some of us awhile to get to that place of ‘taking a fiery stand.’ I remember what it was like early in my journey. Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to defend myself which conditioned me that defending myself against anyone was wrong – which in itself is ‘so wrong.’

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          • Goodness yes… defending myself is still wrong, according to my parents. My mother’s been mad at me for years for not tolerating my late mother in-law’s abuse. As a kid, if I spoke up to my mother, I was awful, people were talking about how bad I was to her, I “needed psychiatric help” & was crazy & so much more. Now? She still tries some of the old games but I know the truth. I’ll defend myself & anyone else in need of it against a narcissist. If they don’t like it, tough. That’s their problem!

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