Some Thoughts On Pets

This past Thursday, we lost a beloved & very special member of our family.  Our cat Pretty Boy passed away suddenly of unknown causes at just over 14 years old.


I’m not sharing this for sympathy.  I’m sharing because I want to remind you fellow pet parents out there to enjoy every moment you have with your furbabies.  The time together can end in an instant, so make it a point to treasure every moment you have with them.  Pray for them regularly.  You may be surprised how much your furbaby likes it when you pray for them.  Pretty Boy had diabetes for 5.5 years, & I regularly prayed for him.  When I prayed for him in his presence, he purred & cuddled me.  It can be a bonding experience, praying for your furbaby.


Also, I have asked God to help me to understand & communicate with my furkids.  As a result, we are all very close.  And, I think this also has helped them to become the wonderful little creatures God created them to be.  It’s not just me that thinks they are wonderful either.  I’ve had several friends over the years who have said almost exactly the same thing- “I’m not normally a cat person, but there is something special about yours.  They’re so friendly & loving.”  I had one friend who was terrified of cats.. until he met my first cat, Magic.  Magic became his buddy in no time.  This friend also was no longer afraid of cats after spending time with mine.


Communicating with animals is possible, & God will show you how to do it.  It is beneficial for you as well as them, & draws you closer to the furbaby.  I wrote some about it in my book, “Pawprints On Our Hearts” & will discuss it in a bit more detail in an upcoming blog post.   Job 12:7 says, “But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:” (KJV)  God will allow us to communicate with animals & be blessed by it.  It is truly a glorious gift He has given us, to communicate with these wonderful creatures He has made.  By communicating with mine & becoming so close to them, I have been blessed more than I can say.  In fact, one of those blessings has come in the form of music.  As my cat Weeble, was dying in May, she told me that the song “Angel” by Jon Secada reminded her of me.  I still have trouble listening to the song since losing her was so recent, but at the same time, it gives me comfort.  Also about a year ago, I was listening to Queen when the song “I Was Born To Love You” came on.  Pretty Boy & I were snuggling when he stopped & looked at me, giving me the slow blink cats do when saying they love you as the song came on.  Immediately I knew he was saying this was our song.


Just because… here is a picture of Pretty Boy.  RIP, my angel boy.  I love you with all my heart & will see you again one day soon..


pretty boy on towel rack

Pretty Boy


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3 responses to “Some Thoughts On Pets

  1. Tara Lila Rose

    After reading your heartfelt beautiful posts I truly feel like you are my soul sister huge tears were streaming down my face and I felt so moved buy this beautiful share thank you so much for sharing with us regarding pretty boys transition and I hope that it was a peaceful one you know many years ago I was getting an herbal body wrap and the woman left me in the room and came back in about 20 minutes later to check on me during that time I had had a visitation from her bird who had just passed over and when I shared with her her mouth dropped to the floor and she said oh my God you just described my bird and he just died and I said that’s the whole point there is no such thing as death he doesn’t have a body anymore but he’s got an eternal spirit so he’s still around so I’m just saying that pretty boy is around you and you can probably feel his presence and you can communicate with him but we have to get really quiet and empty out empty empty empty so that we can receive it’s truly incredible these beings are such a gift to humanity because their love is so pure and so unconditional there’s no separation there’s nothing like it I don’t know what I would have done without my Stella Bella she’s been my Saving Grace she’s gotten me through some really tough times so I always encourage people if they don’t have a dog or a cat at least get a bird for god sakes I don’t know how anyone could live without animals especially after having them. My baby just came over to me and she’s licking my leg right now she is so special I totally relate to what you said Cynthia because people who don’t like dogs have often told me the same thing about Stella Bella how special she is she’s so loving she actually hugs people and women have literally dropped to the floor as if they were slain in the spirit upon meeting her she is an extraordinary being I’m sure pretty boy was every bit as special please accept my deepest sympathies for your loss for you to you and your family God bless you!!!


    • Thank you so much, Tara! ❤ He truly was a special little guy… one of the kindest, gentlest, most loving souls I've ever known.

      You are so right… I firmly believe loved ones can come back in some way to comfort those of us left behind. I realize the Bible says we shouldn't ask to speak to them, but I think God allows us to feel them or hear them sometimes when we truly need them. I've smelled my Granddad's cologne & heard his voice, felt the rub of a kitty against my legs who recently passed, even heard meows of kitties who have passed.. all were at times I missed them so much it almost overwhelmed me.

      People who don't understand how we can love animals so much are truly missing out. It's a shame. They are truly missing one of God's greatest blessings.

      Your Stella Bella sounds wonderful. Please hug her for me!

      Thank you for sharing what you did.. I truly appreciate it.


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