Tomorrow Is Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Did you know that there is a specific day of the year devoted to loving our adorable feline friends?  Well there is!  Although in my home, every day is Black Cat Appreciation Day…lol


Black animals, cats especially, are the most overlooked in shelters & the least likely to be adopted followed closely by solid white cats.  Silly superstitions are probably behind this as well as misguided beliefs that black cats are always the familiars of witches, therefore evil.


I call b.s. on this.  Sorry to be crude, but the sentiment fits very well!


I have had 6 solid black cats & 3 solid white cats in my life as a cat parent.  They have been some of the most amazing, fun, silly cats I’ve had the privilege of parenting.  Magic was my first cat, & I have written about him before.  He was something special.  Loving, devoted, extremely intelligent & very opinionated.  He knew my moods better than any human ever has & responded to me well.  He protected me once when an argument with a former boyfriend not long after adopting Magic almost got physical (interestingly, the man’s dog did nothing- only Magic protected me).  He scared my mother in-law away from me once & another time pooped on her carpet to show he disliked her.  Magic was a handful & an extremely interesting way to start life as a cat parent, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  He has been gone since 2007, & I still think of that precious guy daily.


Magic was just one example of the wonder that is black cats.  They are sleek & beautiful, often strongly resembling a black panther.  They are highly intelligent & intuitive.  They are creative, dignified yet can be silly sometimes.  All cats are wonderful, but I have found there is something special about black cats.


If you’re a cat lover but never adopted one, then I strongly suggest opening your home to one.  You won’t regret it!  It will be an experience you’ll never forget or regret  🙂  Just look at these beautiful babies of mine… don’t you want to have your own mini house panther now too??  🙂








pretty boy on towel rack

Pretty Boy (Georgie’s brother)

zippy & sabrina snuggling

Zippy (front) & Sabrina at 3.5 weeks when we first adopted them


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6 responses to “Tomorrow Is Black Cat Appreciation Day!

  1. Isn’t it interesting that a few empaths/ narc survivors I have known are all drawn to cats? I have watched a Youtuber’s video talking about that narcs hate cats because cats are not as easily controlled as dogs. So, the Youtuber said, one of the ways to test if a person is a narc is to ask him/her: “Do you like cats?”
    Anyway, your black “mini panthers” all look adorable & royal! ^_^
    I have been a cat parent to 6 cats over the past 20 years– 3 of them went to heaven due to old age. My oldest, a tuxedo cat, was extremely clever and funny– she passed away at the age of 21. I’m certain my bond with my fur babies is much stronger than that with my narc parents. As you wrote, they are sensitive to our feelings. My most sensitive cat always tensed up when my narc father approached, lol, now I see cats really sense who’s the bad guy!
    Having been raised (“continuously trapped in emotional bully & neglect” might be more exact description) by narc parents, I have failed year after year to try to connect with them emotionally. It was’t until 3 months ago that I found out about NPD– and my parents fit most of the traits! Today is my Narc father’s birthday, and I got a little anxious about what to do & googled for suggestions — This is what led me to your blog.
    Excellent articles! Followed your blog already! 🙂

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    • It is interesting! I would have to say that you tuber was right about narcissists with cats & dogs. My narcissistic mother claims prefers cats, but tries to control them (yes, mine too) & gets mad they don’t put up with it. In fact, mine try to keep her from me. Same with my father. They get in their faces & demand attention. In fact, they haven’t bitten or scratched any other person, but do so with my parents every time they see them! Cats are such good judges of character

      Thank you.. just love my “mini panthers” lol They’re all special & wonderful!

      Your girl lived to 21?! That is amazing! You must be a wonderful parent!

      I believe you about your baby tensing up around your father. They are wiser than most people & we can learn by watching them.

      So glad to hear you learned about NPD. Sure does answer a lot of questions, doesn’t it? Suddenly things make sense! That’s how I felt at least.

      Glad you found my blog & like it! Welcome!! ❤


    • whenplantingforests

      I can relate 🙂 I have always loved black cats and am now a new cat mom to my lovely 7 month-old black kitty ❤

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