Celebrating Special Days

Tomorrow is the 22nd anniversary of hubby’s & my first date.  Hard to believe!  Time sure flies!


Ever since the first anniversary of this special day, we have done a little something to commemorate the day.  It can be as simple as sharing some wine, cheese & crackers when he gets home from work, talking by a fire, playing a board game or it can be a bit bigger such as going out to dinner, taking a day trip or recreating that special day.  Whatever we do though, we enjoy ourselves & reminisce.


We used to do something similar after we first got married.  We got married on September 24, 1998, so on the 24th of every month, we would celebrate a little.  (not sure why we stopped that, come to think of it..).  Interestingly when I mentioned it to my granddad, he said he & my grandmom used to do that too, for many years.


I’ve found these little celebrations are really nice!  They give you something to look forward to.  They also encourage intimacy.  They foster closeness.  They also help you to slow down & enjoy each other in a world that tends to be just too busy.


I’ve expanded this celebrating thing a bit, too.  I include my best friend in celebrations too.  We met in August, 1988 (although the day has escaped me) & each August I remind her of that & tell her how grateful I am for her friendship for so many years.


Remembering & celebrating things like this helps those in your life to feel loved & special.  It also is fun for you when you can make those you love feel that way.  It helps to add more joy into both your life & that of your loved one.  Why not give it a try?  Celebrate special events with those you love!


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4 responses to “Celebrating Special Days

  1. Cindy Patterson

    Good morning Cynthia! Hope your doing well! I always enjoy your articles. Today when I read on celebrating special days, a light bulb went on. We all know how someone with npd can ruin holidays, well even though my exhusband and I was married on a beautiful beach in Hawaii, he never recognized how important celebrating our anniversary was to me. I didn’t know about npd then but it all makes sense now! I’m sure many others in our FB support groups have seen the same. Thank God your husband is someone who celebrates the special day with you! God willing if a man comes into my life he will also!! Well coffee to drink and a dog to walk. Have a great weekend!! Cindy


    • Good morning Cindy! Hope you’re doing well too!

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy my articles! 🙂

      I’m sorry your ex didn’t see how important it was to celebrate your anniversary! That hurts, I know. My ex husband was the same way- forgot our anniversary & didn’t care about celebrating it anyway after I reminded him. That kind of thing makes you feel like you don’t matter, doesn’t it?

      I hope you find a man who does enjoy celebrating those special days with you!


  2. Cindy Patterson

    Good morning Cynthia, thought you might like this as I sure did!!


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