There Is A Demonic Element To Narcissism

Anyone familiar with someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder knows there is definitely something wrong with that person.  NPD fits very well, although not perfectly.  The term “disorder” can be rather unsettling.  Disorder implies something is beyond someone’s control, & we all have seen narcissists change from devil incarnate to sweetheart in a flash, when the person they want to impress comes into their presence.  Often, “disorder” doesn’t feel like the right description because of that behavior.  It seems like something else is amiss with that person, but what?


I firmly believe there is a demonic element to NPD.  I’m not one to blame Satan & his demons for any little thing bad that happens, but I do believe they are at work on the Earth.  Granted, I haven’t read anywhere to confirm what I believe about narcissists being possessed or influenced by demons, so I can’t offer concrete evidence.  All I can offer is some things that have crossed my mind about this topic.


There are evil spirits at work in the world..


  • 1 John 4:1 “1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”
  • John 10:10  “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have [it] more abundantly.”
  • Revelation 12:9 “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”


Evil spirits are here to “steal, kill & destroy” according to what Jesus said in John 10:10.  Isn’t that what narcissists do?  They steal, kill & destroy your mental health, also physical sometimes.  They also deceive (Revelation 12:9) & speak lies (like the false prophets in 1 John 4:1)


Narcissists also share many very similar characteristics & means of behavior.  Even narcissists who have never met from different countries, of different races, religious beliefs, cultures, financial statuses, etc. often act very much alike.  How can that be explained other than demons influencing them?


And, many victims of angry narcissists have witnessed the identical physical change during a narcissistic rage – the narcissist’s eyes turning jet black.  I don’t mean their pupils dilated so their eyes looked black – I mean literally their eyes changed color from blue, green, hazel or brown to jet black.  Most people’s eyes never change color, no matter their mood, but many narcissist’s eyes will.


The behavior of narcissism also goes exactly in the opposite direction of the way God wants us to behave.  That points directly to Satan if you ask me.


Not being an expert in the field of demons, I can’t provide expert advice on this aspect of NPD.  However, I do believe it’s good to ask God for wisdom on how to handle the narcissist in your life.  I also think it’s a good idea to ask God to protect you, your family, your property, etc. from the narcissist & any evil spirits.  It also is a good idea to pray for the narcissist, as hard as that may be, so that she may come to know God.


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39 responses to “There Is A Demonic Element To Narcissism

  1. I have experienced what you describe here. It’s a terrifying experience to be in the same room with a person having such a fit of anger with the demonic anger flowing out of the eyes together with obscene and hurting words


    • Agreed! I wish I’d known God when I was growing up because since I’ve gotten to know Him, demons no longer scare me. But, as a child not knowing God or believing in His existence, & also not knowing demons existed, that rage was absolutely terrifying. Now, it wouldn’t be nearly as scary.

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      • My children witnessed these attacks and they are marked still today. It’s truly scary but you are right with the knowledge of God you can recognize it and by His help also avoid coming into a close relationship with a person with these characteristics


        • I’m sure they are! I honestly still get the shivers when I remember the rages my mother had. Even now, knowing what it was, it’s still so disturbing when I remember my mother’s eyes turning black or the look of sheer hatred. Things like that make an impression on a child.

          Absolutely! Thank God He can help us so much to avoid these people & survive the ones we have been in contact with. I can’t imagine living in this world, full of narcissists as it is, without God.


          • I can’t either and sometimes long to get away from a lot of suffering. But I have to stay to be there for my children and others and there is still so much to enjoy like a day of sunshine


            • (((hugs))) That must be so hard for you.

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              • Cynthia ,there is so much truth to your post , and I have personally experienced everything you quoted pertaining to a individual being infected by demonic influences.The problems are in fact a spiritual issue ,rather than a so called disorder.Some of these influences are beyond human understandings, and only a handful of us know the truth ! So much of the general public are in the dark, and are improperly misinformed , or just plain unaware of the true origins of this so called disorder ( npd ) ,and if most people don’t understand something of this nature they just chalk it up to a mental illness.I highly recommend that you check out ( Without Spot Ministries ) on You Tube..The narrator is a expert on this topic. The most factual up to date ,honest straight forward information that you will find about this topic on the web.

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                • I agree with everything you said! It’s frustrating how in the dark so many people are about NPD. I’m sure calling it a disorder makes that worse- you hear the term disorder & automatically think the problem is beyond someone’s ability to control it. Nothing could be further from the truth about narcissism- they control it VERY well!

                  Thanks for the recommendation! Definitely sounds worth checking out!


    • rachael

      I agree with the connection of narcissist’s and satan. I feel like I married satan himself. It is hard for me to accept that “not being hugged enough by mom”, as a child – causes this demon. Evil is the 1st thought that comes to my mind when I think of him.


      • I agree. If abuse & neglect caused this behavior, narcissists would be even more prevalent. Many abuse victims turn into caring people or even activists. Blows that theory out of the water. Demonic element is all that’s left, in my opinion


  2. Cindy Patterson

    Thank you Cynthia!!

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  3. lynettedavis

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  4. My abusive dad was diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder. This was back in the 1960s, before the name was changed to Dissociative Identity Disorder. When the worst of his personalities took control, the pupils of my dad’s eyes glowed fiery red. I wasn’t the only one who saw that happen. My mother, my dad’s mother, and after my parents’ divorce, my dad’s girlfriend, saw his eyes glowing red.

    Demonic? Yes, I think so.


    • Good Lord! His eyes glowed RED?! That is incredibly creepy & bizarre! I’ve never heard of someone’s eyes glowing red before!

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      • I was 12 years old when I saw it happen. The “red eye” look that you sometimes see in pictures taken with a flash camera, looks exactly like what my mother and I saw that terrible night in July, 1965. My dad came so close to murdering my mother that night that for one unbearable, heart stopping moment, I believed she was dead.

        My dad was arrested the next day, then taken to an emergency room because he had juvenile, or type 1 diabetes, and did not have his insulin. After they stabilized his blood sugar, the doctor ordered my dad to be taken to the hospital’s psychiatric ward. While there, my dad was diagnosed with schizophrenia. A couple of years later, I was told that his diagnosis was changed to multiply personality disorder. He definitely had more than one distinctively different personality.

        I did a Google search a few years ago for “red glowing eyes.” I found several online stories written by other people who claim to have seen this happen.

        My dad’s father practiced witchcraft, according to my dad. So this may have been some kind of a bizarre generational curse. My dad’s voice sounded completely different when he was in the grip of his homicidal personality. The night that his eyes glowed red was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life.

        However, my mother was, at times, even more abusive than my father. She tried to gas us all to death, among other things. Which makes me wonder why her eyes never changed in any way. Not red, not black, just the same cold, mottled shade of gray.


        • Wow.. that is just incredible! I’m so very sorry for all you’ve been through! (((hugs))) It’s amazing you’ve turned out so well! Shoot.. it’s amazing you even survived!

          I wonder why your mother’s eyes never changed too. During prayer once, God told me that when my mother’s eyes turned black, it was at that moment she couldn’t disguise her hatred for me. Apparently, she was able to conceal it most of the time, just sometimes, something drove her over the top & she lost control of it.

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          • Thank you for your caring and compassionate heart. I am so sorry that you grew up with an abusive and hateful mother, too.

            Yes, I have been through a lot of horrible things. Almost an unbelievable amount. But I have also been incredibly blessed in countless ways. When I needed help the most, God put kind, loving, and deeply compassionate people in my life, people who were willing to go far beyond the extra mile to give me the help I needed. Today I know that our loving and merciful Lord Jesus did this for me, even when I was living far from Him. I have no doubt that this is why I survived!

            Today, although my life is still far from perfect, I feel blessed beyond measure. I am deeply grateful to be where I am in my life today! Now, when I remember my trials, my predominant thought is that if it took me going through all of those things, for me to be where I am today — secure in God’s love, blessed with the love of a dear sweet husband and the love of my elderly aunt and my grown children and grandchildren — if I had to go through all that hell in order to be where I am now, it was more than worth it all! Maybe I needed to hit rock bottom, so that I could cry out to the Lord Jesus from the depths of utter despair, and have Him answer my cries with His boundless love, grace, and deliverance!!

            What you said about your mother’s hatred changing her eye color, makes sense to me. Although I have never seen anyone’s eyes turn completely black, I have certainly seen people’s eyes turn very dark and evil looking with the darkness of hate and rage. (I have also known several people who, like you, claim that they saw someone’s eyes turn completely black, like you have seen your mother’s eyes do, so I believe it does happen.)

            In my mother’s case, I suspect that her abusive nature and over the top insane behavior was caused by physical problems, much more than spiritual. When she was a little girl, my mother fell on her head on cement and suffered a skull fracture. My mother has often said that she never felt the same after that. I have also known some other people whose personality and behavior changed very dramatically after a severe head injury. My oldest son is one. Plus I have done a lot of reading about head injuries and how, depending on which part of the brain is damaged, the person may never be able to genuinely love again, or ever feel guilt or remorse for abusive, immoral behavior.

            At times, my mother certainly has seemed to hate me. But more than anything, her problem seems to be that she simply cannot love.


            • You are truly wise & an inspiration. ❤

              You may be absolutely right about your mother. Brain injuries are such bizarre things. Some people can have one or even more with no major problems, others can have a mild one & their entire personality changes. My brain is injured from carbon monoxide poisoning in 2015 & I've changed a LOT. A few months ago, one of my cousins enlightened me about my father. My father was nearly killed from a car wreck at age 15, including massive brain trauma requiring surgery & a metal plate in his head. Her father (my father's brother) said he became very manipulative & conniving after the accident. Brain injuries can do some terrible things to a person's mental state, so it's certainly feasible your mother was unable to love after hers.


  5. Paul boggs

    I thinks I would have to agree that a demonic influence is at work there. I’ve had a # of experiences in that area. I’m a trained theologian as well. I’ve written a quick handbook about casting out but not published it yet. The previous Gf told me she was going to let Satan enter her one last time so she could “do what she had to do”….destroy my expensive laptop…which she did. Have me chills and i got out of that relationship. The leaving part nearly destroyed me. 6 yes and I’m still not the same. I’ve had other demon oppressed experiences besides that one


  6. I agree. Please read 2 Timothy 3, also good knowledge on narcissism.

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  7. I am experiencing the breaking down mentally and physically by a professed man of God. Yes, I fell for the facade in which he presents himself as a child of God. I am in a storm at the moment and I feel that God used this storm to open my eyes to what this man truly is. I am praying for God’s deliverance so I can rid myself of him once and for all. I can say that I’ve witnessed the jet black eyes once. That was something I chose to pretend not to happen. In other words, I thought I was “tripping”. I just recently brought it to my mother’s attention. She too is praying for protection and God’s covering. Thanks for the confirmation.


  8. I agree with you that narcissist/sociopaths/psychopaths (I believe them to be one and the same thing) are influenced or possessed by evil spirits. This is the reason why you feel scared, drained or on edge around them, you are sensing the low vibrational and dark energy of the spirit possessing them. They are literally sucking you dry…

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  9. Harry Haller

    I can confirm this from this inside. I’ve displayed behaviors of covert, or introverted, narcissism since around puberty, which is when a lot of lifelong demonic attachments occur, I believe. The entity sharing/sometimes controlling my psychic space recently seized the wheel and led me on a careening midlife crisis that caused hurt to many people, most of all myself. But the thing overplayed its hand – I was in such desperation that I sought Spiritual answers. I think it was trying to drive me to suicide but I called its bluff.

    Here’s the thing: Demons are super-sneaky (of course) and are also masters of the foot-in-the-door technique of moral degradation – starting with the slightest violation of personal values and building from there. And if personal values are unclear or never understood from the Heart in the first place – usually owing to childhood abuse/neglect – then the Demon gets to say what’s important to “Us.”

    Once discovered, there ARE psychic parasite removal methods. But the most important is to Stop Feeding the Damn Thing. And the only way to that is through a genuine Change of Heart – A full 180-degree pivot from Self-Service to Compassion and Service to others.

    Seems like a long shot, especially if you’ve heard the Narcissist’s ‘tactical’ promises of change and improvement 1000 times. But in the Spiritual Rocks/Paper/Scissors, Christ DOES beat the Devil. BUT the 40 days of Wilderness and Temptation/Dark Night of the Soul is a pretty firm requirement, too.

    I’ll just add this – descriptions of Narcissistic behavior always paint it as a calculated, planned thing. Like “Hmmm, if I don’t call her for exactly three days and then swoop in with gifts it’ll really mess with her head!” And I KNOW that’s how it looks and seems to work. But I’ll tell you in my own case, if there was planning, it wasn’t being done by ME. I was in a state of confusion marked by alternating manic euphoria and dismay.

    The way the Genuine Self interacts with Demonic ‘Riders’ to create what we and the world experience as a “personality,” if an erratic one, is what I’m still working through.

    I appreciate any psychic support as I continue to unravel what’s really shaped by experience and reframe to Spirit instead of Self.


  10. wanda greatorex

    i’ve been in hard school of narcissim for 14 years…ever since my precious daughter was sucked into downward spiraling vortex of evil in a relationship with an evil man. he fits every description of the narcissist. The part that further causes sorrow is that three young grandsons are in the same spiral as he attempts to destroy them along with their mommy. i have always suspected demonic possession with this man, and what you all are saying confirms my suspicions. such a dark dark encounter this has been God is good ALL THE TIME and has brought the mommy and boys through so much. when all looks hopeless, i know it is really not…God is in control. i must keep trusting and praying.


    • I am so sorry to hear that your daughter & grandsons have experienced this!! You are absolutely right though, God is good all the time. Even when things look hopeless, He is still in control. Praying for you & yours! ❤


  11. William Mathieu

    Greetings sister Cynthia. Gosh! I really don’t know where to start, but here goes. I was raised by a narcissist who TRUELY hated me. Tried to kill me once. First wife is a narcissist and continues to cause nasty’ s to my son and daughter in law. I came to know our Lord during my 2nd marriage which brought out the narcissist in my mother in law and sister in law. WOW! What a trip. My dear wife had no idea what was going on nor did myself. But it was clear I was under attack that eventually destroyed us. Very painful. I remained single for 7 years after that while growing in the LORD. Then I fell for the pro, confessing Christian and all. 14 years of soul stealing, joy killing, love destroying, the list goes on. You perceive correctly that they are a contradiction to CHRIST likeness. Total opposite. By the way, up until this time in my life I never knew what I was looking at. Any way! Touching on the eye thing Whoa! Hers didn’t go black, but very cold, almost lifeless and the face full of hate. They really are emotional vampires and will steal your identity and leave you nothing. I miss me from before I met her. What a struggle it has been trying to get back. I have concluded from all the knowledge gained that such a person’s claim to faith is fraudulent even their existence. I personally believe it is demonic possession. That is the only thing that makes sense.


    • Hi William!

      Wow… you have a LOT of experience with narcissists! I’m so sorry to hear this! Your description of them fits them so well.. “emotional vampires & will steal your identity & leave you with nothing.” That sort of thing is so far from normal, it has to be demonic in nature. What other reason could there be?!

      Thank you for your comment! Wishing you only the best with your healing journey!


  12. CT Young

    Ma’am, I fully agree that narcissism has a demonic element. I am in my mid 50’s now, and was raised by a narcissistic father. In fact, he is still alive, and change is beyond his ability. It has been horrible for me and my brother. God is the only hope for individuals like this, and those that have to deal with them. Thanks for bringing this issue to light!


    • I’m so sorry you & your brother experienced a narcissistic father!

      Absolutely God is the only hope for people who have to deal with them! Without him, dealing with them successfully is impossible.

      You’re welcome! 🙂


  13. Laura McNeall

    I know this post is a little old, but thank you. I was raised by a narcissistic mother. I have a degree in psychology, and I believe most “disorders,” even depression, are demonic influence/possession/oppression. I am not saying that depressed people are possessed. Oppressed by demons? Yes. God wants us to have joy in our hearts. Any negative emotion we feel comes from Satan. I always told my dad that I thought NPD was demonic possession. I randomly googled this topic and your article came up. I am no longer alone in feeling this way.


    • Thank you so much for your comment! It seems like not many people feel this way, whether or not they’re in the mental health field. Sad because I believe as you do & that people need to be aware of evil influences. I hope those who read this post read your comment & realize I’m not alone in believing NPD is demonic.

      God bless you!


  14. CT Young

    I would confirm that your hypothesis regarding a demonic connection to narcissism is absolutely spot on!


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