Are You Being Abused?

John 3:20-21  “For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.” (NKJV)
The question in the title of this article may sound like it should have an obvious answer, but it doesn’t.  Sometimes, people don’t realize they are being abused, especially if they aren’t being physically abused.  As I’ve mentioned before, covert narcissists in particular are extremely good at hiding their actions from everyone, even sometimes their victims who think this “good person” couldn’t possibly be abusive.
One of the best ways to tell if you are being abused by someone is how do they act in public verses in private.  Abusive people behave entirely differently in public verses private settings.  Granted, most people act a bit different in public & private, but it’s not a huge difference.  With abusers, the differences are night & day.
In my late teen years, I saw this especially clearly with my mother.  I remember one day in particular, she had been screaming at me for whatever awful thing she thought I did that day.  She finally stopped, & a few minutes later, the phone rang.  I answered.  It was her friend, the former principal of my elementary school.  She told me how lucky I was to have such a good, loving mother, & how I needed to stop misbehaving so much.  I really didn’t feel lucky at all!  But, a few minutes later when I handed my mother the phone, all evidence of the screaming maniac was completely gone.  She was friendly & chatted with this person as if nothing had happened just a few minutes before.
My ex husband was the same way.  Everyone, even his parents, thought he was a great guy who loved me deeply.  In private, however, he was incredibly critical & cruel.
With both of them, I knew if I said anything to anyone about what was done behind closed doors, I would’ve had to pay dearly.  It’s taken me many years to feel free enough to write about the things I have experienced at the hands of narcissists in my life because of how deeply in me they ingrained this sick need to hide their cruelty.
Normal people don’t behave this way!  Normal, safe people don’t feel the need to hide things or behave very differently in public & private.  They aren’t concerned about most things they do being known by other people.  They aren’t doing bad things, so why would they feel they have something to hide?
Also, if someone is hiding their actions, then this is a sign that they know these things are wrong.  I know, many people say they think abusers, mainly narcissists, must not know what they’re doing is wrong.  They were raised by abusive parents- abuse is all they know.  But, think about this: if they truly didn’t know these things were wrong, why would they work so hard to keep them hidden?  Wouldn’t they abuse you no matter who is around instead of only when you’re alone?


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5 responses to “Are You Being Abused?

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    “Abusive people behave entirely differently in public verses private settings” ~ Cynthia Bailey Rug

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  2. Excellent post. Well written I agree with you whole-heartedly. One thing that always bothers me is when people allow abusers to get away with being abusers because they were abused. I am very sorry but that is not an excuse. I was abused physically and emotionally and what it did for me is made me realize how wrong it was and I never ever wanted my children to be treated like I did, grow up in the type of situation I did and ever feel llike I did. So, I made the decision to raise my children just the opposite as my parents. I did eveything different than them. Being an abuser is a choice no matter how you were raised. Thanks for your post…. You got me going on this topic I guess….. Somethings do bother me and abuse is one of them… I guess these people need prayer and they are broken in many ways.

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    • Thank you very much!

      I totally agree. Being abused doesn’t excuse a person from being abusive. In fact, they should know better than anyone how much it hurts being abused & not want to make others feel that way. It’s absolutely a choice, barring the very rare person with brain damage or severe mental illness who truly doesn’t recognize right from wrong. I remember my husband telling me his mother’s mother in-law hated her, so that’s why his mother was awful to me. She just didn’t know any better. I called b.s. on that. My paternal grandmother’s mother in-law was awful to her, but she was a great mother in-law. Her children in-law all cared a great deal about her & had nothing bad to say about her. Each of them made a choice.

      I don’t get why some people choose to abuse. Something has to be very wrong in their minds to enjoy hurting others, especially their own children. They definitely need prayer & an intervention directly from God Himself.

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