Is One Generation More Prone To Narcissism Than Others?

Some time ago, I added a poll to my blog asking when my readers’ narcissists were born.  Since it’s been over 3 years, & this blog has grown quite a bit since then, I thought I’d do the poll again.


I’d love to hear your responses.  Please respond to my poll below.  Your answers will remain anonymous.  Thank you!





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4 responses to “Is One Generation More Prone To Narcissism Than Others?

  1. Cindy

    Wow…you’d think being born depression or just post depression would be humbling


  2. Angela

    I’ve read that young narcissists are more able to cover up their narcissism by copying normal behavior, but as narcissists age it becomes more obvious because their ability to cover it up diminishes. I would interpret the results of your poll so far as being an even spread, given that the numbers of older narcissists would be dwindling. What do you think?


    • That’s interesting, Angela.. I hadn’t heard that. It does seem though the older a narcissist gets, the more “out there” they are with their narcissism. Overts become very overt, coverts become overt. You may be onto something with that.

      What I’ve experienced is there are more narcissists born before & after me than in my generation. Not that we don’t have plenty of course, but it seems like we have less than some generations do. Not sure if that’s something others have experienced or not though.


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