Doing Things Exellently

I recently watched a TV show about Freddie Mercury, the late lead singer from the rock band, Queen.  One of his friends quoted something he once said that I thought was wonderful.


If you, too, are a Queen fan, you know they created some pretty amazing songs, but not a great many of them.  According to this gentleman being interviewed, Freddie Mercury spoke about that to this man.  He said that he would only do, “quality & style, Darling.”  The man who single handedly wrote the incredible song, “Bohemian Rhapsody” obviously knew both well.


The fact is though that every single person has an individual path to follow in life.  Whether your path involves affecting the lives of two people or two billion, your path is important!  If it wasn’t, God wouldn’t have given you the purpose in your life that you have.


Since your purpose is important, why not take a page out of Freddie Mercury’s book, & focus on doing everything you do with “quality & style”?  No matter how many lives you will affect, you will affect lives, & don’t you want your effect to be a good one?  Then do whatever you do with excellence!  Do it with “quality & style, Darling!”


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2 responses to “Doing Things Exellently

  1. ibikenyc

    Love this! I quite agree with the philosophy and apply it as much as possible to my possessions, too.

    Lucky enough to see them once, back in the day, from actually-decent seats.

    Tiny little guy with the energy of an atom and a voice as big as all outdoors!

    (“She kept Moet et Chandon in a pretty cabinet. . . “)

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    • Isn’t it a great philosophy?? 🙂

      That is so cool!!! Queen is one Of the best bands ever, in my opinion anyway. That concert must’ve been incredible! I can believe that..even just watching videos or interviews, you could see the energy Freddie Mercury had. Funny he seemed somewhat soft spoken until he sang.

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