Are You Enjoying Where You Are Or Comparing Yourself To Others?

Some time ago, I got caught up in comparing my success as an author to other authors.  I realized many who write about similar topics to me are much more well known.  Their blogs, Facebook pages or groups have thousands of followers.  Mine?  Not nearly so many.  This used to make me sad, but God told me something.  It helped me a great deal, & I think it may help you as well.


“When stars burn extremely brightly, they burn out quickly.  Stars that don’t shine as brightly burn much steadier & for longer periods of time.”


If you’re feeling frustrated in your ministry or calling, like you don’t measure up to others, then it’s time to stop comparing yourself to other people!  Dear Reader, God has given you a unique calling, so focus on enjoying where you are with it.  If you compare yourself with others who seem more successful than you, remember what God told me about stars. Maybe those bright stars have a lot more success than you do at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have plenty of success as well!


Every single person has an individual path to walk in life.  God’s ways are perfect, so why not focus on enjoying your path, enjoying where you are right now rather than comparing yourself to others?  Doing that has taken an incredible amount of pressure off of myself & enabled me to enjoy what I do a lot more than I had been enjoying it.  It will do the same for you!



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5 responses to “Are You Enjoying Where You Are Or Comparing Yourself To Others?

  1. tess

    very comforting for me at the moment Cynthia…thank u for this simple truth!!!

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  2. Angela

    I always used to think of “Mind your own business” as an angry and rude remark. Recently, I’ve realised that minding your own business means striving for and taking pleasure in your own achievements, enjoying your own activities and spending time with people you really get on with, whilst respecting other people’s right to do the same. This isn’t something something narcissists are capable of. They enjoy telling other people what they think they should do, when they should be getting on with their own lives and minding their own business.

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  3. “But godliness with contentment is great gain.” 1Tim 6:6

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