How Much Do You Know About Your Personality?

A couple of years ago, two of my wonderful readers told me about the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (aka MBTI) personality test.  Since, I’ve become utterly fascinated with it!


This test gives you a four letter description of your personality.  I found it to be incredibly accurate for myself & my husband.  Here is the link if you want to try it:


While I realize not everyone is as fascinated with psychology & what makes people “tick” as I am, I still recommend taking the test & learning as much as you can about your personality.  This is especially important to survivors of narcissistic abuse, I believe.


Whether the narcissist in your life was a parent, sibling or spouse, narcissists do a tremendous amount of damage, as you no doubt know all too well.  One thing they all try their best to do to their victims is to turn the victim into what they want that person to be.  Narcissists want victims to lose their natural, God given personality & become someone pleasing to the narcissist.  Before you realize that is happening, chances are you lost a lot of yourself thanks to the narcissist.


Learning about your personality type can help you to regain the part of you that was lost.  It also can help you to learn about things you never understood about yourself.  For example, I always thought I was weird.  I’ve been told it often enough!  I constantly try to understand people’s motivations & solutions to problems, when many people don’t bother with such things.  My mother used to criticize me as a child for “always thinking” because of this.  I took that to mean that something was wrong with me.  Once I learned of my personality type, I learned that there isn’t something wrong with me.  It’s just my natural personality, which happens to be the rarest one.


Another benefit of learning about personality types can happen when you learn the types of those in your life.  Since I learned my husband’s type, I understand him even better now than I did before he took the test.  And, as a bonus- he got interested in learning about his type as well so he’s developed a better understanding of himself.


Dear Reader, I hope you will take the test & learn about your personality & those of your loved ones as well.  The test only takes a few minutes & is free, but it can be very beneficial.


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12 responses to “How Much Do You Know About Your Personality?

  1. ibikenyc

    Ahh; another INFJ!

    I might have guessed! 😉

    And, yes, it is so helpful, isn’t it?

    How DARE you think? Good grief; they are just shameless.

    I am also an HSP; have you checked that out for yourself? (Highly-Sensitive Person)


    • You’re an INFJ too? Cool! For such a rare type, I’m surprised how many I know. It’s awesome! 🙂

      It is incredibly helpful! It’s helping me to understand myself, hubby & friends better than ever.

      LOL I know! They are the only ones allowed to think! We need to just shut up & do their bidding!

      I’ve read very little about HSPs. Do you have any sites to share? I didn’t like the ones I read about it, which is why I gave up early on reading about it.

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      • ibikenyc

        I’m pretty sure it’s in the movie Amadeus where that idiot in charge (the Emperor or whatever he is) tells Mozart, “There are too many notes.” I think of that when I’m the object of attempted invalidation by any Cluster-B Monsters.

        A site called “Introvert, Dear” is so supportive and helpful:

        I did also get “The Highly-Sensitive Person” out of the library. I couldn’t get all the way through it (not because of the book; it had to go back before I could finish it). However, one thing I read has for some reason stayed with me: She says that HSPs were the guardians of the tribe way back when; we pick up on everything way before anyone else and so were able to warn of impending trouble.

        A mixed blessing, for sure (I also have unusually-keen hearing and am highly-intuitive), but one for which I am grateful. Somehow knowing I’d be a good “lookout” has made me really love and value my sensitivity.


        • lol That scene does sound like something that would come to mind at that time.

          Thank you for the site! I’ll be reading over it later when I have time.

          That book sounds familiar.. I think my INFP friend mentioned it at some point. Interesting point for sure.. it does make sense. You can’t have some oblivious person guarding the tribe!

          It does seem to be a mixed blessing. That is how I feel about being an INFJ. Sometimes I love it, other times, it feels like a curse. I noticed too that after the brain damage I received from carbon monoxide poisoning, my intuition got dramatically better. It was good prior, but now, it’s really, REALLY good. Not sure why, but it’s pretty cool. 🙂


  2. Angela

    I’m an INFJ on this test too, but on I’m a INFP.


    • I don’t think 16 is overly accurate. They said I was a different type too, although I forget which one.

      Also, INFJ & INFP are quite similar in a lot of ways, just FYI. I have an INFP friend who crosses into INFJ in a lot of areas & I cross into INFP sometimes too.


  3. I took the test and found the full description of my type to be mostly accurate.

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