False Beliefs Narcissistic Parents Teach Their Children

Narcissistic parents might like to think they’re the best parents ever, but they are so far from it.  They instill the worst possible beliefs in their children that often follow (well, maybe more like haunt) those children for the rest of their lives.  Below is a list of a few of them.


  1. “You need to be able to do anything & everything I tell you to, no matter what!  Not because you’re talented or capable, so don’t think that!  But because I want you to do those things!”  Narcissistic parents are a confusing group.  One way they are confusing is treating their children like they should be able to do anything, yet also making sure they know they aren’t smart, talented or capable.  As an example, my parents were very parentalizing.  In other words, they wanted me to take care of them rather than them taking care of me.  Even as a young child, they’d come to me with complaints about their marriage & sometimes, they’d expect me to fix whatever disagreement it was that they had.  I was just supposed to know how to fix things for them, but at the same time, both let me know they didn’t think I was smart.  This type of behavior can lead to an adult who is terrible at self care.  The adult may not recover as long as necessary from surgery, may go back to work immediately after giving birth or experiencing a trauma such as the death of a loved one.  They don’t take care of themselves because they believe they don’t deserve to.
  2. “If you want to be loved, you have to earn it.”  Narcissists actually have no real grasp on what it means to truly love someone.  What they call love is conditional love at best.  They will abuse their children & only stop it when the children do things that please them.  This makes children of narcissists work so hard to please their parents.  They are so starved for love, they’ll do about anything for their parents in order to earn some “love.”  This can lead to adult children of narcissists who are frequently used & abused.  They try to earn love from others.  Abusers seek this out in a victim, because it means that victim will put up with anything.
  3. “Your worth depends on what you do only.”  Related to #2, this means that you only have value when you please the narcissist.  If you discovered the cure for cancer, Alzheimer’s & heart disease, & made it free & readily available to every human being on the planet, if your narcissistic parent didn’t have a vested interest in these cures, your parent would still see you as worthless.  Yet, if you bought a pen for your parent you knew she liked, it would gain more approval than inventing those cures.  She would see you as more worthy for getting her that pen than when you invented the cures for diseases that plague humanity.
  4. “Your emotions aren’t important.  In fact, you aren’t allowed to have them!”  The only person that really matters to a narcissist is that narcissist.  No one else is even human, merely a tool to be used.  Don’t “bother” a narcissistic parent with your feelings.  After all, tools don’t have feelings, so you shouldn’t either.  Besides, their emotions are the only important ones!  Adult children of narcissists have become professionals at stifling their emotions.  As a result, they end up miserable or sick (high blood pressure, heart problems, depression, anxiety, etc.).


All of these false beliefs are just that- FALSE!  They have no basis in reality.  Their basis is in the narcissist’s reality which is a world full of insanity.  If you grew up learning such nonsense, then Dear Reader, it’s time to get rid of those false beliefs.  Ask God to tell you the truth.  Are you worthy?  Are you deserving of love or does it depend on what you do?  Any questions you can think of, ask Him & listen to what He has to say.  You will find out quickly that these beliefs are not true.  God thinks so much more of you than your narcissistic parent did.  Let Him show you what He thinks of you.  It’ll heal you & bring you joy.





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14 responses to “False Beliefs Narcissistic Parents Teach Their Children

  1. Time and time again, I think you are writing about me, but there is one difference, my parents didn’t expect anything from me except good, silent, out of sight behavior. In other words, like I didn’t exist at all.

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  3. This is great, I also feel like you’re writing about me. Thank-you


    • Thank you!

      Amazing how many of us have such similar experiences, isn’t it? Narcissism truly knows no bounds

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      • Knowing that i’m not alone helps. So often out there in the community I find people don’t understand, they pass judgment for me being no contact, perhaps due to some stereotype of the mother and that a mother could not possibly be that cruel


        • Unfortunately I find that to be true. There is a LOT of judgement on those of us with narcissistic parents. Many criticize being no contact while others say you’re stupid for waiting so long. Some criticize you for trying to work on the relationship too because you “should just go no contact”, as if that’s easy. It’s infuriating! Every situation is unique as is every person- it’s not right to judge them. Just because something works for you doesn’t mean it’ll work for me & vice versa. People need to be more understanding of that & supportive.

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  4. All true,

    Remember we have complex PTSD from the narcissist parent. Our brains were not yet fully developed and parts of us get stuck surviving their abuse.

    My father treated me like a thing, a chess piece something to serve him, make his ego feel good.

    You can heal from all this. We have skills we developed surviving these insurers. When I healed enough I found incredible willpower, persistence and ability to be ok being isolated for periods of time.


    • That’s exactly how narcissistic parents treat their children- not as human beings but as things to be used however they see fit. It’s no wonder so many adult children of narcissistic parents develop C-PTSD


  5. We can also heal and be better. Complex ptsd is not a life sentence unless you believe it is.


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