You Have The Right To Go No Contact!

Although the title of this post may sound like common sense, it may not be to everyone.  Or, you may logically understand that yet still don’t feel you have the right to go no contact with the narcissist in your life.  Narcissists are very good at destroying how you think, even making you feel you have to have that abuser in your life.  (God forbid you think in a healthy way!  You’re so much easier to manipulate if you are dysfunctional!)


I just want to remind you today, Dear Reader, that you absolutely have the right to protect yourself.  You have the right to set healthy boundaries & expect them to be respected.  You have the right to enforce consequences when they aren’t respected.  You have the right to expect to be treated with civility & basic respect.  And yes, you have the right to end an abusive relationship.  It doesn’t matter if that abuser is a friend, significant other, sibling or even a parent.  No one has the right to abuse you!  NO ONE!


I understand that many people who read my blog are in situations where they are unable to end their abusive relationship for various reasons.  I certainly am not trying to make you feel bad for your position!!  Everyone’s situation is different.  But, of all the reasons to stay in such a relationship, the false belief that one doesn’t have the right to end it should not be one of those reasons!


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6 responses to “You Have The Right To Go No Contact!

  1. Just a few days ago I was castigated for going NC. I didn’t even respond. NC has been so healing for me that I won’t give it up, or even feel guilty about it. As you say, it’s my right not to be abused.

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    • What in the world?! I swear, it seems like people think victims are unreasonable for not tolerating abuse with a smile.. but let these idiots be treated the same way & see how they react! I don’t see them tolerating the abuse happily! @@

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  2. I live with my Mother and brother. Both have the belief in the popular god, but I have decided that I don’t need that in my life. However, while I respect their right to that and alter my speech to not offend, they don’t. Why does consideration seem to be a one-way street?


    • That lack of consideration is so typical with narcissists. I think it can be summed up by saying if something doesn’t directly affect a narcissist, it doesn’t matter to them. If something they say or do hurts you, so what? It didn’t hurt them so they don’t care.

      I hope this doesn’t overstep any bounds.. please forgive me if I do.. but please don’t turn away from God because of them. Lots of narcissists claim to be good, devoted Christian people when they are nothing of the sort. They also misquote & misuse His word as excuses for their abuse. It turns many victims against God, & understandably so. It did me until I learned God was nothing like what my mother said He was like. I won’t preach… I just wanted to say that & again, I hope I didn’t overstep any bounds.

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      • I can’t say that there was ever a time that I rejected God or failed to believe in Him. But my view of how God sees me was severely tainted because the abuse taught me that I was worthless with no right to expect anything good, even from Him. That was spiritual abuse and it happens in every dysfunctional family where the abuser demands power and control over others, effectively demanding the worship that belongs only to God. It took a very long time, and a lot of Bible study, for me to see myself as God sees me. And when I did I found the truth, that a victim of abuse could have no greater friend than God. We need to lean on Him, rely on Him, call out to Him, and believe that He wants the best for us. That is the lesson we didn’t learn from our abusers because it didn’t serve their purpose. And I encourage all abuse survivors to learn the truth about God for themselves through prayer and Bible study. I respectfully suggest starting with this verse from Jeremiah 29: 11: “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” A future and a hope is what we can all expect from the Lord when we call on Him.

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