Things To Be Aware Of After Going No Contact


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3 responses to “Things To Be Aware Of After Going No Contact

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  2. This is so true! Immediately after I went NC, all hell broke loose. My mother “got so Worried about me.” She sent endless voice mails. She had my brother send texts. She called clergy, she sent the cops to do two welfare checks, she sent my brother to get a visual sighting of me because (get this) the reason for my silence must certainly be because I’m dead, and my husband must have killed me because I met him online. When that didn’t work, she had my daughter or DIL send cards every birthday and Christmas. All with the same brief message, and a phone number to call them. There’s more but I think you get the point. And they call Me crazy!


    • There is a part of me that is kinda laughing at this because I’ve been through almost exactly the same things. Their tactics are so similar! No matter the person’s race, religious beliefs, culture, financial standing, education, it seems like all narcissists use the same tactics! Unreal…

      Good to know your husband didn’t kill you! LOL That is just rich.. my word. My parents sent the police to me too for 2 welfare checks & they asked if my husband was abusing me & keeping me from my parents. I also had an aunt email me after the last welfare check saying my father didn’t know if I was dead or alive & that’s the worst feeling a parent can have, so I needed to let him know I was alive. Funny… pretty sure the police told him I was alive & well.

      Yep, we’re the crazy ones. Interesting how that’s always the case, the victims are the crazy ones isn’t it?


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