Narcissists & Pets


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  1. I have both cats and dogs. My mother thinks dogs are horrible and evil, although she tolerates well-behaved dogs in small doses (basically if they’re just sitting quietly). I feel like my dogs can protect me from her to a certain extent, just by existing in my space. My mother likes cats, although as you say, it’s mostly when they pay attention to her and are cute and purry. My mother keeps outside cats since she can’t take care of animals inside. She and I have had a lot of circular conversations about what to do with her outside cats when she moves. She’s moving to a colder climate where she will have to construct some sort of shelter for them; it doesn’t have to be elaborate, just some place where they can get warm in winter. She acts like I’m trying to boss her around and run her life when I say this. But I can’t let innocent animals freeze, and I already have enough pets of my own without taking in someone else’s!


    • Your dogs definitely can protect you from your mother. Just by being there & distracting her, they’re protecting you from her. 🙂 My cats actually protected me more than my dogs did. Whenever either of my parents said something nasty, one of the cats would scratch or bite my parent. It was awesome.. LOL

      No, you can’t let innocent animals freeze! Will she let you rehome the cats or build them a shelter?

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  2. Kimberly Scheels

    So very true!

    On Thu, May 24, 2018 at 6:31 AM, CynthiaBaileyRug wrote:

    > CynthiaBaileyRug posted: “” >


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