Grieving Doesn’t End Once A Funeral Is Done

Something crossed my mind recently, I’m sure it’s due  to my father in-law’s recent death:  Grief doesn’t end just because the funeral is over.

I think many people act like once your loved one is buried or cremated, you’re done grieving.  It’s done now so you should be ready to resume your life as it was, no problem.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

Grief has no set time.  It doesn’t end just because the funeral is done, because a set amount of time has passed, or because people think you should be “over it” by now.

There’s also the fact that the first year after a loved one dies is incredibly hard.  You have their first birthday without them, first anniversary, first holidays…  those days can be extremely difficult, but especially the first ones.

In fact, I don’t think grief ever ends completely, it only becomes less intense over time.  My great grandmother that I adored died in 1982, & I still miss her a great deal to this day.  No, I don’t cry all the time, but I still miss her & think of her often.  If you love someone, that is just how things happen.

And if you lost a pet rather than a human, people can be even more insensitive, because after all, “It’s only a cat/dog/bird/etc!” they say.  They fail to realize that pets are a big part of our daily lives.  We love them, care for them, play with them, nurture them & when they get old &./or sick, we become their caregivers.  Such things can form an incredible bond, & when that bond is broken, it hurts just as much if not more than when a human passes away.

If you have lost someone you love recently, please ignore people who try to tell you that you should be over it already, are taking too long to grieve or “It’s just a pet!”.  It’s not their business!  You take your time & grieve however you need to for as much time as you need to.  Honor your loved one’s life, too.  Maybe plant a garden they would like, or make or build something creative like they would have made.  It really does help!

If you have been actively grieving for a long time (over a year), & it disrupts your life, I really would like to suggest you try grief counseling.  Sometimes, people kinda get “stuck” & there is no shame in it.  It happens!  It just means you need a little help to get unstuck.


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7 responses to “Grieving Doesn’t End Once A Funeral Is Done

  1. Beautiful. I agree with every word.

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  2. As a child the only adult in my life who treated me with love was my maternal grandmother. She died when I was a teenager, but I still think of her. I had a very vivid dream about her after she died that I remember in detail to this day. And that’s saying a lot because my memory, thanks to CPTSD, is not the best. She was an avid gardener and I honor her today with my own garden.

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    • That is just beautiful, Suzanne! She must have been a lovely & special lady. No doubt that dream was a little gift from her & God to help you get through. Your garden for her must be lovely! No doubt God has let her know about it & she is happy you do that for her.

      When we first got Minnie Rose, her name was Baby. Unoriginal & she didn’t even answer to it. I started calling her Minnie because she struck me as a Minnie for some reason. She perked up a bit. When I added the Rose shortly after, she loved it. Her entire demeanor changed & her true personality started shining through! The cool part is my great grandmother’s name was Minnie Rose & my girl reminds me of her- very sweet, loving, ladylike & fun. After I named her that, I got this strong feeling one day that my great grandmom knows about this & is very flattered. I firmly believe God told her about this & she’s happy I named my little girl after her.

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  3. I dont think grief ever really ends, it just changes in intensity and it depends so much on other aspects of the relationship. I have read and believe that losing someone who you never really had a deep relationship with but longed for is even harder in some ways. We should never judge another grief process as we dont truly know from their insides how it feels for them. ❤

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