God Is So Good!!

So over the last couple of weeks, on top of dealing with my husband’s father’s sudden passing, one of our beautiful kitties, Zippy, got sick with a urinary tract issue plus a reaction to his medication.  On our way to the vet’s offie, we hit an unusual amount of green lights & little traffic.  We were only there a short time.  And, as usual, there was no emergency fee (I think it’s $65) because our vet is more concerned with caring for animals than making huge profits.  I truly have the most awesome, wonderful vet in the universe  🙂


On the good side, as I’m writing this, Zippy is doing well.  It’ll take him a few days to get back to normal, but praise God, he’ll be normal again!


Also as I was writing this, my husband called after his dad’s funeral service was done.  Naturally it was tough, but the good thing is our neighbor showed up to be there for him.  How sweet is that?!  As if him & his wife baking a couple of cakes for the wake wasn’t kind enough.


The past week has been incredibly rough but while I was thinking about it, I realized yet again how true Psalm 23:4 is….


 “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”  (KJV)


The reason I’m telling you about this is to encourage you.  I know during hard times it can feel like God is nowhere around.  It sure can feel like you’re walking alone in, “the valley of the shadow of death!”  I’ve felt the same way myself the last few days.  But, whether or not you feel His presence, God is there, listening to your prayers & working out your situation.  Somehow, some way, God will help you get through even the hardest of times.


This was hardly the first time God has helped us & no doubt it won’t be the last, so I feel assured in telling you that if you’re going through hard times, even if you feel totally alone, you really aren’t.  God is there with you, in your corner, working things out somehow for the best solution to the situation.  You’re never alone in those dark valleys of the shadow of death!  Keep praying, keep believing & He will show up in ways you never expected.  xoxo


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8 responses to “God Is So Good!!

  1. ibikenyc

    I can imagine — and fully sympathize with — your distress over Zippy’s UTI. They are so bad especially in male cats. I was holding my breath through your whole first paragraph and was very happy to learn that he is doing well and will be back to normal.

    Your neighbors sound wonderful! Good neighbors are worth their weight in gold, a thing you don’t necessarily appreciate until you have some bad ones.

    I hope you guys are doing okay with the funeral and all. It’s exhausting.

    This post is almost eerily well timed. Thank you for it. I’ll skip the details, but Mr. Happy has been OUT. OF. HIS. MIND. for the past two days, and I’ve been in “why hast thou forsaken me?” mode.

    I’m usually very good at keeping in mind that sometimes things take longer than we’d like and reminding myself of all the times things have worked out for me in ways I couldn’t possibly have imagined.

    Thank you for helping me keep that faith right now.

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  2. Urinary issues, period, frighten me but in male cats? Terrifying! Have you experienced that too? One cat I had years ago had cystitis, stones in his bladder. Thank God he survived, but it was scary! And thank you.. Zippy is probably 90-95% back to his old self now. Feeling good enough to fight me every 12 hours when we do his meds.. lol

    I agree with what you said about neighbors. I’ve never had such good ones before! Truly a gem!

    Thank you.. Eric’s doing better than I am. He’s sad but handling things pretty well. My mother literally crashed his dad’s funeral & I’m having a hard time with that.

    I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through such a terrible time with Mr. Happy! Are you ok? If you need to talk, feel free to email me at CynthiaBaileyRug@aol.com. Hugs to you & praying for you! ❤

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    • ibikenyc

      Fortunately, no, but I did hear about them for some reason at some point in the past; maybe a friend’s cat?

      Yeah; pilling a cat is definitely a labor of love!

      We have a good neighbor now. Not the same kind of “good” yours are, but actually excellent by urban (and especially NYC) standards: He’s roughly “our” age, has similar habits and philosophies, and manages to be friendly and approachable while still minding his own business.

      I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time with your father-in-law’s passing.

      Crashing a funeral. Why am I not surprised? How do people with so little self-awareness manage to cross a street by themselves?

      When my mother died, I had been divorced from and out of touch with my ex-husband and his family for more than five years. My former in-laws showed up at my mother’s wake.

      I am so touched by your concern and offer to “talk” that I am nearly in (good) tears about it! Thank you so much. You will never know what that means to me (or maybe you do). I am as okay as I can be; keepin’ my eye on the prize.

      You may hear from me one of these days!

      Happy Fourth! ❤


      • ahh, ok. Glad you haven’t had that experience with cats. It’s an awful one!

        “Labor of love” it is.. lol I just gave Zippy his first meds of the day. Thank God, now we’re down to only 1 pill & the last dose will be Saturday morning. Light at the end of the tunnel.. omgosh. I’m surprised all this exercise hasn’t made me lose 15 pounds.. hardly seems fair.. lol

        Your neighbor sounds good for sure. Friendly while minding his own business sounds VERY good! lol

        Thank you so much. I’m ok with his passing, although I do feel kinda guilty. Eric told me recently he cared a great deal for me & asked about me often, but knew he wouldn’t see me. If Eric’s mom & 2 sisters were able to treat me like a human being, I would’ve been glad to see him. I couldn’t deal with them, so I avoided him & the rest of the family. It’s a shame.. I did come to care about my father in-law.

        LOL Maybe people like my mother cross the street by themselves because they expect the cars to stop & let them cross.. they are the center of the universe after all.

        Why on earth did your former in-laws show up at your mom’s wake?!?! How awkward!

        aww, you’re welcome for the offer! We’ve gotten to know each other chatting on here so I wanted to make the offer. 🙂 I look forward to hearing from you.

        Hope you had a happy 4th!! ❤

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    • ibikenyc

      PS: Don’t know how I forgot this, but THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS. I don’t have words to express how wonderful it is to know that. ❤


  3. I always love your posts. I recently had a trauma, which after 9 days of no sleep landed me in the ER. All I can say is YUCK!!!!!
    I was given drugs of course which only depleted me hugely. I read your post and when I got to scripture i wept. The words for and staff hit me hard of what they meant since first reading those words at 10. I am now 55. A for and and staff are physical devices meant to well beat away the enemy. I have a protective order and this man assaulted me and i have him for 28 pages of stalking incidents. And none of it comforted me as realizing God will fight, physically use His methods to keep this man away from me. And use physical methods to take this man away from me. All of these physical methods that show God is in total control and always with you and making a wonderful way for you and me.
    God uses sometimes these physical methods because the enemy comes at you in very physical ways. Help is always there….even when one is scared to ask…always there.


    • aww, thank you! I’m glad you like my blog!

      My word! I hope you’re well on your way to a full recovery! 9 days with no sleep?! That is awful!

      So very true.. God is always there & will always protect you! He is truly a loving, good father to His children! ❤


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