You Have The Right To Protect Yourself From Abusive Family Members!

I read a really good article the other day.  It gave me another reminder that it’s ok to cut toxic people out of my life, even if they’re so called “family.”  I thought I’d pass this excellent reminder along to you, Dear Reader.

Although family is supposed to be a safe haven, that isn’t always the case, as no doubt you are well aware.  Many families are downright cruel & abusive to their own family members.  When their victims defend themselves, they often are shunned by other relatives (even ones who know how the abusers are), friends & society in general.  Why people seem to think you should tolerate abuse from someone because you share some genes & maybe a name is beyond me!

Being related to someone by blood or by marriage does NOT give a person the right to be abusive.  In fact, there is NOTHING that gives any person the right to be abusive. 

As the victim of an abusive person, you have rights…

  • You have every right to protect yourself from all abuse- spiritual, mental, emotional, verbal, financial, physical & sexual.
  • You have the right to expect people to treat you with basic respect- be polite, not try to cause you harm or pain, etc.
  • You have the right to be upset when you are mistreated or abused.
  • You have the right to say no & to have healthy boundaries & to expect them to be respected.
  • You have the right not to tolerate guilt trips, manipulation & attempts to control you.
  • You have the right to be in a relationship without losing yourself, to maintain your own identity & independence that is pleasing to you.
  • You have the right to live your life in a way that is good & healthy for you, even if others disapprove.
  • You have the right to end a relationship with an abusive person, even if that person is “family.”


Remember these rights, Dear Reader.  If someone in your family is abusive, you absolutely have every right to eliminate that person from your life if you have to do so to protect yourself.


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6 responses to “You Have The Right To Protect Yourself From Abusive Family Members!

  1. Hi Cynthia, I appreciate your insight and positive affirmations so much. Thank you!

    I just noticed that there is a latitude and longitude reading at the bottom of this post. I copied and pasted it into Google, because I was curious to see what would happen. Sure enough, Google immediately brought up a map with a street address in an eastern state. Did you mean to have this on your blog? It seems like an invasion of your privacy to me. I thought I should tell you in case you aren’t aware of it.

    God bless. ☺


    • Hi Linda Lee! Thank you so much!

      That’s odd.. it always just said the name of my town before, not the latitude & longitude. I wonder what that’s about. Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully it’s just a glitch of some sort & will return to the town. I’m ok with the town being on there but would rather it not be the exact location of my home

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  2. ibikenyc

    Good “Morning”!

    Gettin’ an error message when I try to go to the link you posted (it’s 12.49 EDT now, in case that’s relevant).

    Even so, your point is (as usual!) spot on. One benefit of being completely estranged from one’s entire family is never having to deal with any of that garbage.

    (I, too, noticed the map coordinates to which Lady Quixote refers but have not clicked on them. It’s been. . . three to five days, maybe?)


    • Good morning back!

      Well crap.. I got the error message too. I know it worked! They must have taken the article down. Sorry!! I’ll remove the link from this post. Thanks for letting me know!

      WTH wordpress?! I don’t know what’s with the coordinates. Just odd.

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  3. I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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