Ways Flying Monkeys Silence Victims Of Narcissistic Abuse, part 1


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4 responses to “Ways Flying Monkeys Silence Victims Of Narcissistic Abuse, part 1

  1. ibikenyc

    You have SUCH a lovely voice! 🙂 Have you ever thought of doing adverts or other commercial work?

    I’ve only just started listening to / watching the videos in the past few days. NOTHING to do with you; I just don’t like being read to, but something you posted a few days ago struck me so hard that I had to check it out.

    I’d figured I’d be spared the flying monkeys: Neither of us has a single friend or is in touch with a single family member.

    However, sometime over the past couple of weeks it hit me that Mr. Happy’s first wife and oldest daughter (the daughter is at LEAST a Borderline) LIVE for that kind of activity! They are textbook examples of that person who invites you over, rolls out the red carpet, treats you like an honored guest, and then, the minute you leave, tears you to bits to anyone who’ll listen.

    Well, at least I’m prepared! One day soon they’ll be free to visit him any time without having to worry about my being here and commiserate with him about what a pretentious bitch I am!


    • You are so sweet.. thank you for saying that! & no, I never considered doing those things before. I’ve always hated the sound of my own voice. Ever since in early elementary school when we used a tape recorder & a couple of kids laughed at how my voice sounded on it. Thanks for the baggage! I don’t have enough! lol

      I understand how you feel about being read to. I don’t like it myself. The only YouTubes I usually watch are movies or music videos. Well, the old commercials starting my car are cool too.

      Ahhh… they sound like such fun. Not. UGH! Sorry you have to deal with them for now! And by the way.. you a “pretentious bitch”!? Really?! That sounds absolutely nothing like you!

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      • ibikenyc

        I, too, hate the sound of my own voice EWWWWWW! It’s NOTHING like yours, which I find melodious, feminine, and rounded 🙂

        Thank you for your kind words 🙂

        Every blue moon he runs into his daughter somewhere (they don’t keep in touch with him, either). He always passes along whatever now-comically-nasty thing she says to him about me, usually in the middle of a rage / attempted a**-reaming.

        Only very recently it dawned on me that perhaps / probably those messages of theirs are meant as gauntlets and that it’s driving her / them absolutely crazy that I’m not picking them up and running with them; LOL!

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        • Aww, you’re too sweet.. thank you. 🙂

          Have you ever noticed how many victims of narcissistic abuse hate the sound of our own voices? I’ve never done any sort of survey but I have noticed many of us say that. Rather interesting, I think.

          I’m sure your voice is just fine & not so awful as you think it is!

          LOL! No doubt your lack of response is driving them crazy! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Any time a person can make the head of a flying monkey about explode is a good, good thing.. 😉


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