Since Some Folks Have Asked…

I am still working with my parents’ cat to earn her trust & bring her home.  (It’s so much more humane than trapping her to bring her home.  The last thing that poor girl needs is more trauma!) She is making remarkable progress, I’m happy to say.  But, remarkable progress is still somewhat slow since I’ve realized she has feline PTSD.  Considering the circumstances surrounding my mother’s passing, it’s very understandable.  Luckily for me, I already have a cat with PTSD so I’m pretty familiar with it.  I know it takes lots of wisdom, patience, understanding & love to help a cat (or a human) with PTSD.

During the very recent past, Molly has let me get close to her.  I’ve taken advantage of that & shot some short videos.  She now has her own playlist on YouTube containing those videos.  I thought I would share the link here since many of my readers are also animal lovers.  Enjoy!  xoxo


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3 responses to “Since Some Folks Have Asked…

  1. ibikenyc

    She is GORGEOUS! I’d no idea!
    Some appetite, too! I’m sure you’re really glad she’s eating so well.
    Good for you for being so gentle with her, although I’m not surprised 😀 ❤


    • Isn’t she a beauty?! 😀

      Yea.. once she gets here I’m going to work on that appetite. She’s not terribly overweight but she could stand to lose a little & also to be less food centric. Worries me when a cat is so centered on food. Not surprise though.. my mother raised me the same way.

      aww… thank you. ❤

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