What Is Happening Since My Mother’s Death, part 2


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4 responses to “What Is Happening Since My Mother’s Death, part 2

  1. Dear Cynthia, my heart is overflowing right now. Although I read the words in your blog post a few days ago, hearing and seeing you talk about these things takes it to a whole different level.

    I wish so much that I could be there. Especially on the day of the burial, when your hateful cousin showed up.

    It’s totally crazy that the cemetery made a mistake and had to dig up your father and bury him again, before they could bury your mother. I know your father did not plan this, but it would be just like a narcissist to arrange it so you couldn’t fully focus on burying your mother. “It has to be all about ME, always. On the day you bury your mother, you are going to have to bury me again, too!” Like I said, I know he didn’t do that, but it sure is ironic that it happened.

    I am amazed by your strength, and by your incredible generosity in sharing this with those of us who have yet to go through the death of a narcissistic mother. Thank you so much. I am praying now for the Lord to continue to strengthen you and carry you through this tough time. 💘💘💘

    PS: I wrote this comment twice. I was just about to hit the Post Comment tab, when all the words disappeared. Grrr. But you are well worth me taking the time to write it again. Now, I hope it will post . . .

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    • You are so kind, Linda.. thank you so much for everything you said.. ❤

      I wish you could be here too! I really need the support right now. It would've been entertaining to watch you go after my cousin too.. lol Seriously, God held me back because I was so far beyond frazzled, I was ready to punch her in her smug face. After everything else, her nastiness threatened to push me over the edge.

      It's beyond crazy what the cemetery did. One more reason I will NEVER have my cremains stored there & am begging Eric not to be buried there.

      That's so true.. I hadn't thought of it but that incident could easily be a narcissistic act! I doubt my father would've thought of it if he could have (he wasn't really that creative), but my mother would have.

      Thank you so much for what you said & your prayers. I really wish more information was out there about the death of narcissistic parents!! This is such a strange, complex, difficult, painful, freeing thing… people need to know this so they aren't completely shocked at it all!

      Ack! Well your comment posted just fine & I'm so glad it did. Sending you love ❤

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  2. Dear one, I hear your pain. I am so very sorry that you must suffer more because of the actions of those around you now. ❤️🙏


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