Frequently Used Gaslighting Phrases


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4 responses to “Frequently Used Gaslighting Phrases

  1. ibikenyc

    “No one will ever love you like I do.”

    As I was watching the video, I thought, “From your mouth to God’s ears!”

    RIGHT after that, you say, “My ex-husband told me this once, and I thank God he was right!”

    Another one is “Who DOES that?!” with that air / look of incredulity mixed with “sneery pity” they’re so good at.

    Yah; okay (HUGE eyeroll). Next!


    • You’ve heard that “no one will love you like I do ” nonsense too, huh? It’s so ridiculous! I’m still glad my ex was right about that!! Lol

      Oh yes… “Who does that?!” Another little “gem”. Who? Anyone sane & not a narcissist maybe??

      Another goodie… “No other woman would feel that way! ” or its counterpart, “Any other woman would gladly do this for me..” Sooooo…you know this how? You’ve spoken to every other woman in the world have ya?

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  2. ibikenyc

    Yeah, RIGHT?! They’ve spoken to EVERY other woman on the planet!

    My very first thought about that now is, “Well, then, I guess you’ll have no trouble getting it done for you, will you?”

    I used to get that mostly as a kid: “ANOTHER child would / wouldn’t do (thus-and-such),” or, worse, “ANOTHER mother wouldn’t (allow / tolerate thus-and-such).” Shame-and-Guilt much?

    One of Mr. Happy’s gonna-be Flying Monkeys is especially fond of “Who DOES that?!”


    • LOL! I wish I had thought of that when my ex told me what any other woman would feel or do. Brilliant response!

      Ohhhh yes! Lots of shame & guilt attached to that nonsense. See how awful you were & how long suffering she was? Uggghhhhh!

      Nice flying monkey he’s got there. Sounds like a devoted one… sheesh

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