Traits Of Unsafe People


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4 responses to “Traits Of Unsafe People

  1. ibikenyc

    Your timing is, once again, perfect! 🙂

    Another big stopover I have on my road to recovery is exactly this: How to avoid seeing everything as a sign of Toxic Danger.


    • aww, thank you ❤

      That is a tricky one to deal with isn't it? You feel paranoid, but the truth is there is danger everywhere. People are becoming much more selfish & even narcissistic. Not saying every single person is toxic of course, but there are an awful lot of 'em out there! I started forcing my thoughts to slow down when the red flags go up & thinking logically about what is happening. Why did I see the red flag? Is it simply a trigger or is this person toxic? Why do I think this person is toxic exactly? It helps when you do this, I think.

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  2. ibikenyc

    Guess there’s no safe shortcut.


    Well, I guess this is one of the upsides of being such an introvert; LOL!


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