About Narcissists & Respect


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8 responses to “About Narcissists & Respect

  1. Cindy Patterson

    Good morning Cynthia! Just wondered since I know you were going to do transcript not video soon, this one came through as video private but no transcript to read? Hope you have a great day!! Cindy


  2. Cindy Patterson

    oh I get the transcript if I click on your name below the heading but if someone just clicks on the title About….they will not see that? Just trying to be helpful if needed, hahaha!


  3. Cindy Patterson

    omg, there is your video, ha blame this on the user of the internet. I moved my DSL modem this am as I have trouble streaming Prime movies in my bedroom at night from the other side of the house and I think I upset a few things here, hahaha hope my day goes better lol!


    • Thanks for figuring that out! I was baffled for a minute there! LOL You gave me a good idea though… making the notes I use on all videos & podcasts available on my site. I’ll have to think about that, but that could be a good move for those who are the type to learn by reading over audio & video, or those who for whatever reason can’t see videos or hear the podcasts. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

      Hope your day goes better too! lol ❤

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      • ibikenyc

        Another vote here for the transcripts.

        I do learn better by reading, but, also, I don’t always have the privacy I need to listen to something, even with headphones: I was only just now (15 July) able to listen to this post, which I got on the ninth.

        Given the nature of our particular beast, here, I suspect I may not be the only one.

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        • I’m sure you are right about that. Very valid point & argument for transcripts. Thanks so much! If I ever get my podcasts all online (seems like a never ending task!), I’ll get to work on creating those transcripts.

          Thanks so much for the idea & the wisdom! ❤

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  4. ibikenyc

    In regard to demanding respect: “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”



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