A Message For My Younger Followers


Filed under Christian Topics and Prayers, Mental Health, Narcissism

2 responses to “A Message For My Younger Followers

  1. Sondra .kohlman

    Good advice.I’ve never regretted getting married at 19.Narc parents aren’t why,I anted to get married anyway,but I’ve never regretted not staying there longer


    • Thank you!

      I understand! I moved out about a month after I turned 19 & never regretted it either. I think it was weird though how many people told me I’d fail, I’d run home after 6 months, was too young to be on my own, etc. What was that about?! I sure wasn’t going to live with my parents forever & 19 is old enough to be on your own! My paternal grandparents believed in me though & helped me.


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