Not All Causes Can Be Your Causes

Periodically I notice comments on Facebook that get under my skin.  The topic isn’t important, but the message is.  The message is something along the lines of, “If you don’t care about this topic, you’re a selfish jerk.”

In fact, some people have said things to me about issues, expecting my support, but when I don’t give it, they get downright shaming.  One of them was about how disappointed someone was in me for not noticing that one public figure was a narcissist.  Well, the truth is I disagreed with her assessment.  I also had virtually no interest in the arena where this person was popular, so I naturally hadn’t paid a lot of attention to this person.  In her world, apparently none of this was valid.  I was simply a terrible disappointment for failing to notice this person’s supposedly narcissistic ways.

There was a comment that I remember from several years ago when a lion was murdered in a sanctuary by a ruthless hunter.  It broke my heart seeing such a beautiful, wonderful animal murdered for no purpose beyond the hunter’s desire to say he killed this lion.  As I read through comments on a post on the topic, I saw a comment that said something like, “You people get so upset about just a lion, but do you even care about the fact that so many innocent babies are aborted every year?!”

In my younger days, comments like this made me feel guilty.  Honestly, I’ve never been interested in politics or the abortion debate or many other current events issues.  My heart lies more with issues about animal rights, Christian topics & naturally surviving abuse.  I felt I must be wrong for that until I realized something.

This doesn’t mean I don’t care about the country in which I live or the rights of the unborn.  What it means is I feel God wants me to focus more on animal rights, Christian topics & surviving abuse.

No one person can support every single issue!  It’s too much!  No one can afford to donate money to every worthy cause either,  simply because there are so many causes.

Also, no one can emotionally afford to support every single worthy cause.  Strong emotions can drain a person, even when those emotions are positive ones.  Everyone needs breaks, to distribute their emotions wisely & to do so with balance.  Doing this isn’t a bad thing.  It doesn’t make a person selfish or uncaring.  It makes a person human!

If someone tries to shame you for not actively supporting some cause that they support, I hope you will remember the information I shared here today.  Every single person has a unique calling in life & that means they need to support whatever issues they feel called to support.  That does NOT mean they need to support whatever the cause of the moment is.  God gives each person a unique purpose in their life, & the approval of other people isn’t a requirement.  What it does mean is that each person should follow their unique path, supporting the issues closest to their heart, & allowing others to do the same without judgment.

This also means each person should support the issues on their heart however they deem appropriate.  For some folks, it means writing as I do.  For some other folks, this means donating money.  For others, it means picketing in front of large corporations or political offices.  For still others it means working to change laws.  Not one of these is any better or worse than the other.  Different doesn’t equal wrong or bad.  It’s simply different, as each person’s unique walk that God has given them.


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8 responses to “Not All Causes Can Be Your Causes

  1. Cindy Smith

    Ugh.I kwym.I’ve ahard time caring about abortion,as my mom wore the subject out


  2. Great post! I came to accept this not too long ago. There are so many issues that I care about, and I just naturally became passionate and active in a few of them. I try to be active in domestic violence and child abuse prevention, suicide prevention, and I am an ally/mama bear to the LGBTQ community. I have dipped my toe in teacher union politics and breastfeeding…oh, and supporting girls as a Girl Scout leader. I guess I may have more causes than I realized….it has been a big part of my life, but I am more of a behind the scenes support person. I fantasize about being a loud protester.


  3. Excellent, very well said. This is another reason why I couldn’t handle Facebook. All the shaming for not reposting, liking, and jumping on every bandwagon! I care about about many issues, but I don’t have a lot of energy, due to my health. I focus the energy I have, where I believe God has called me.

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    • Well said! I totally agree!

      One of my aunts (prior to me blocking her) often send FB messages like, “If you don’t share this prayer, you don’t love God.” The shaming was ridiculous. I didn’t respond, so probably she assumed it meant I’m a fake Christian. lol She’s just one example though. So many are utterly ridiculous. Not every issue is important to everyone, & that’s ok. So is not avidly supporting every issue. We all have different areas we’re passionate about & different abilities to support what we are passionate about. That isn’t a bad thing!

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      • Right! I had people just like your aunt, shaming me on FB for this thing and that thing. I grew up constantly being shamed for just normal, little girl behavior. I don’t need ANY more of that!

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        • Exactly! The shame from childhood is MORE than enough! I’m not going to carry any more either!

          Once, my mother got on a soapbox about how she was ashamed of being white because we’re so cruel & how white folks treated black & Native American Indians. She asked me if I was ashamed too, obviously hoping I’d say yes, but I said absolutely not. I haven’t done anything bad so why should I carry the shame of that behavior? Just because some awful people share my skin color? Nope. Not my shame to carry!

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