Identifying Flying Monkeys Verses Those Who Are Duped By Narcissists


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2 responses to “Identifying Flying Monkeys Verses Those Who Are Duped By Narcissists

  1. I’ve experienced both of these, although the flying monkeys were more numerous. Of the two the well-meaning person who advocates for the N is more difficult to deal with, because the only way to get them to back off is to tell them about the abuse. If they’re truly well-meaning they’ll stop. But, as we all know, trying to explain narcissistic abuse to those who’ve never experienced it is extremely difficult. I’m blessed because my husband has chosen to do this for me. He’s been very open and honest about the abuse I suffered, and he’s taken a hardline stand against those who act to assist my abusers in forcing me to break NC. And it hasn’t been without cost to him, as it has caused friction between him and those he loves. And that makes me angry. Narcissists cause trouble and pain to everyone, not just to their primary targets.


    • Flying monkeys really are in the majority. I’ve only had one person who was genuinely duped in my life. But, that tells me there are others, rare as they are, & people need to be aware that can be the case.

      Telling people about the abuse really is eye opening isn’t it? The good people will back off & try to understand even if they can’t. Flying monkeys only dig in their heels & become even worse.

      That is wonderful your husband has been so devoted. That is how it should be, although obviously that doesn’t always happen. It’s just a shame it’s cost him too.

      That is true. Narcissists cause pain to everyone, not only their main targets.


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