Ghosting, aka The INFJ Door Slam


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13 responses to “Ghosting, aka The INFJ Door Slam

  1. Love this Cynthia, thank you! It’s amazing how suddenly people become seen as unreasonable or psycho when in all actuality we are simply standing up for ourselves and setting boundaries. As a very sensitive introvert who has had to eliminate narcissists on more than one occasion, this really rings true. I am looking forward to seeing more from you!

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  2. ibikenyc

    I always wonder what other Meyers-Briggs types do: Keep going back for MORE crap? “Keep in touch?” “Remain friends?” (GAG!)

    I mean, at some point, dontcha just kinda take the hint, already?


    • Probably depends on the type, I’d think. Some are more prone to see only the good in people while others see only the real. Those who see only the good are going to try harder than those of us who see only the real, yanno? They’ll keep trying well after they shouldn’t. Plus, add in the dysfunction from being abused & some types will stick around thanks to trauma bonding until whenever they see the light. From what I understand about personality types, extroverted types are more likely to tolerate abuse longer than introverted. But, introverted types are more susceptible to abuse.

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  3. I’m a INFP but I did “ghost” someone. Because there was a great potential for complete disaster in that relationship so I had to leave. I wish people didn’t judge “ghosting” so hard. Sometimes you don’t have another choice.

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