Goodbye Video


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10 responses to “Goodbye Video

  1. I haven’t watched all of your videos, mainly because my husband is a night owl, which means he sleeps during the day, and I have to turn the sound up loud in order to hear with my hearing loss. Also, when I have the sound too loud, it gets our dogs riled up.

    But I watched this one just now, because of the title. I was thinking “Goodbye? Is Cynthia shutting down her blog? NOOO!”

    I’m glad you aren’t shutting down your blog!! I’m still a little sad that you aren’t planning to do any more videos, because even though I haven’t watched all of them, I have gotten a lot out of the ones that I have watched. Watching your videos feels a lot like having a conversation with a friend. But I want you to do whatever is comfortable for you. And I can still go back and watch the videos that I have missed.

    I feel super self-conscious when it comes to being photographed or on video, so I get it. The legacy of growing up with a narcissistic parent. 😦

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  2. cindy engebretsen

    Your video and blog have helped me so much and I’ll continue to follow your blog. I applaud you for setting boundaries (hard for children of narcs) and stopping something that was not in your best interest right now.
    I also don’t like seeing myself on video.


  3. Lifelessonswithlynny

    I will miss your wisdom. I certainly understand, as I also hate my voice and image. I’m not hideous looking or sounding either so im not sure why other than some of my family are the same, I do know it makes me feel very exposed and raw. I make myself get over it long enough to smile for the family photos but more then that well, you have been very brave. Really what I want to say is thank you very much. Many many times your words were just what i needed to hear. Knowing those words came at a price to you makes those words and you even more respected. Thank you


    • That seems to be something so many children of narcissistic parents deal with, hating hearing & seeing ourselves, & forcing ourselves to go through with pictures even when we don’t want to. I’m so sorry you deal with that as well.

      Thank you so much for what you said. I greatly appreciate it ❤


  4. ibikenyc

    Thank you for doing them for so long!

    (Your mother was WRONG! >:-( )

    It’s wonderful that you’ll leave them up and, especially, that you will continue to write! Your insights and wisdom are like a warm embrace from a loving friend ❤ 🙂

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