A Little Down Time Does The Heart Good!

Lately, I’ve been busy. Not writing the usual books but taking a bit of a breather from that to create some cross stitch patterns. Since I’m not the only one who needs a break from the draining topic of narcissism, I thought I’d share the link to them here.

Cross Stitch Patterns

I also have some crochet patterns available on my site as well. They are on this link.

I hope those of you reading this will like them. I also hope that even if you aren’t into crafts, you’ll remember that mental health breaks are very important. PLEASE take some time where you deliberately do NOT think about narcissism or your healing from narcissistic abuse. Such a draining topic requires plenty of rest & distraction to prevent you from burning out.


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17 responses to “A Little Down Time Does The Heart Good!

  1. ibikenyc

    “Beware of People Who Dislike Cats”

    Oh, indeed!

    Your patterns are beautiful 🙂 How do you DO them?! I wouldn’t have the first idea where to even start!

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  2. You are so talented! I especially like the white squirrel.

    We don’t have squirrels here in New Mexico, at least not in the area where we live. We do have prairie dogs, however, which are considered a ground squirrel. They can be cute, but I prefer tree squirrels.

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  3. Mitch Teemley, one of the bloggers I follow, shared a picture he took of a white squirrel a few months ago. I just went to his blog, did a quick search and found it:

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