Narcissists Won’t Hesitate To Attempt To Destroy Anyone Who Tries To Correct Them

I wish I could take credit for this post, but I can’t. It’s from the blog, Biblical Perspectives On Narcissism. I highly recommend following it! It’s very informative & everything is backed up by Scripture.

That being said, please read this post. If you are debating confronting the narcissist in your life, then you especially need to read it!


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7 responses to “Narcissists Won’t Hesitate To Attempt To Destroy Anyone Who Tries To Correct Them

  1. Cynthia, the list reminds me of trying to give a review of a narcissist. Any constructive criticism is met with an attack to defeat the critic or critique. I found this is especially true when you use specific examples (even without name), so the narcissist will know who it is and see the critic as an enemy. Narcissists lean into people who take it and take it and then break over a small slight. The narcissist will then say “what did I do?” What they fail to realize is the colleague has been putting up with his or her overbearing modus operandi for months or years and finally broke and snapped back. Keith


  2. kavyag

    Anything said to them they take it as a threat to their whole existence itself they can’t view anything objectively. I think this is what happens if a person’s self worth is dependent upon external validation. My ego finds it painful too when I am wrong I think it’s due to being shamed for making mistakes in childhood.


    • They sure do! They crave external validation like it’s air.

      Of course.. everyone finds it painful being wrong to some degree. They just take it too far & attack the person pointing out that they’re wrong. But, when childhood mistakes are a cause for shame, that also causes problems. At least you recognize what is happening & can deal with that accordingly. Narcissists won’t do that.

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  3. kavyag

    So true! Validation is like air and hunger only for them.

    Yes I have seen them viciously attacking people and projecting their own negative traits on others. Yes I recognize the negative patterns in me and want to work on it. Thank You for your support 😊


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